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Twitter has temporarily limited the tweets each user can read per day. This was announced by the owner of the company, Elon Musk, after thousands of users complained for several hours that the platform’s content failed to load. As Musk himself explained through a message On that same platform, they had to apply “time limits” to the activity “to address extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation.” DownDetector, which specializes in detecting mishaps in real-time Internet-connected services, has logged user crashes since 1pm (Spanish Peninsular Time), warning of problems loading date messages ( timetable) or refresh the home page.

One of the messages users reported when they tried to upload a file timetable This was: “Quota limit exceeded. Wait a few minutes and try again.” according to Social Networking Guidelines, The specified quota specifies the maximum number of requests allowed in a period of time. Musk explained that the temporary caps imposed are as follows: “Verified accounts are limited to reading 6,000 posts per day, unverified accounts to 600 posts per day, and new unverified accounts to 300 posts per day.”

Musk did not specify how long the “time limit” would last or how that daily count would be assessed. That is, if it will start counting when selecting certain posts, if it counts every message consulted in a thread or when reviewing replies to a tweet, or if they actually add messages that appear directly when counting down through the timeline of the home screen. In a late afternoon tweet, yes, Musk advanced that “the limits will soon increase to 8,000 for confirmed, 800 for unverified and 400 for unverified.”

This new change in the social network, according to Efe, is added to another that specialized media indicated on Friday that Twitter closed its content, including tweets, topics and profiles, for visitors who do not have an account: for those users on it. A message appears for them to register or enter their credentials. To a Twitter user who asked if this was a technical issue, Musk responded in a tweet that it was a “temporary emergency measure” and pointed, as on Saturday, to the fact that it was “due to extreme levels of data extraction.” Artificial intelligence, from startups to some of the largest companies in the world, has been mining massive amounts of data.It is very annoying to have to bring a large number of servers online in an emergency just to facilitate the awful tasks of some startups in field of artificial intelligence. in a tweet.

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According to Reuters, Musk had previously expressed his dissatisfaction with AI companies such as OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, for using Twitter data to train its large language models. The social media platform has previously taken a series of steps to win back advertisers who left Twitter under Musk’s ownership and to increase subscription revenue by making checkmarks part of the Twitter Blue program.

User complaints

On this occasion, the peak of the incidents, according to DownDetector, occurred around five o’clock in the afternoon and not only in Spain. Reporting of incidents and user complaints has been global: the United States, Portugal, Brazil, the United Kingdom and New Zealand, among others, have reported failures of this website to operate the social network. Some users have reported that when they tried to refresh their homepage, it would go blank, only with a message confirming that there was indeed “something wrong”, or that it was “impossible to retrieve tweets at this time”, or “something went wrong”. All afternoon, users even reached out to convert hashtag #Twitterdown trending when reporting issues the app was presenting.

This is not the first time in the past year that Twitter has faced complaints from users due to problems arising from interaction on the social network. Después de que Musk adquiriera Twitter en October for 44,000 millones of dollars (unos 41,000 millones of euros), ya se registró un primer fallo significativo a finales de diciembre, cuando la red social dio problemas durante varias horas a decenas de miles de usuarios de todo the world. On that occasion, access to Twitter was blocked and some of its main functions failed, such as the ability to access the account from the computer or the impossibility of uploading some tweets. In March, the social network fell again, and on this occasion, it was possible to write a new one mailbut history, or timetableI didn’t get them normally.

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One of the measures Musk implemented after taking control of the social network was to fire more than half of the workforce. This prompted complaints from many observers, reasoning that the platform’s systems could be left unprotected in the event of an unforeseen event.

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