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After days of rumors, speculation and news without official confirmation, the new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, has hinted that he will charge an eight-dollar fee per month for being an approved user of the social network (the same amount on the exchange in euros), as part of Twitter Blue’s subscription service. As he announced on the social network, without detailed speech and a series of completely unclear messages, there is always the possibility that it will not end this way, even given his capricious personality and his usual changes of opinion. And he has already received the first response from one of the most famous tweeters, writer Stephen King: “They should pay me,” he wrote.

“The current system of lords and peasants on Twitter to see who has or does not have a blue tick is nonsense. Power to the people! Blue [azul] for $8 a month”, I wrote in the first message of the topic. Blue is a paid service launched by Twitter in some countries and launched at a price of about five dollars per month. Pointing to the “blue tick” of verified accounts allows us to know that it will be one of the jobs included in that eight-dollar payment, always with reservations.

The subscription, Musk wrote, will include “priority in replies, mentions and searches, which is essential to avoid spam/fraud,” “the ability to post long videos and audios” and “half ads,” always according to Musk’s own tweets, who also mentioned That the price in other countries will be adjusted in relation to the purchasing power parity of each market.

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Musk noted that through this service, it will also be possible to bypass the payment method for media outlets that reach an agreement with Twitter. Currently, subscribers of many media cannot access their closed news even if they are subscribed through Twitter links.

All of this, says Musk, “will give Twitter a revenue stream to reward creators.” The new owner of the company, who also became its CEO after the dismissal of key managers and the dissolution of the board of directors, also spoke in other tweets. This Tuesday, it was known that one of the company’s key executives, Chief Commercial Officer and Product Manager, Sarah Personnet, also left the company on Friday, She also announced herself on the social network.

In this aspect, the first response arrived from a celebrity about their desire to charge for verified profiles. Writer Stephen King, who has nearly seven million followers on Twitter, responded to early news reports of a subscription price of $20 a month. “$20 a month to keep my blue tick? Damn, they should pay me. If that gets established, I’ll leave like Enron,” the company that went bankrupt after an accounting smear scandal, and it’s not entirely clear why it’s a reference.

Musk, who changed his Twitter profile description from Chief Twit, something like a chief tweeter to “Twitter’s complaint line operator,” replied to the writer: “We have to pay the bills somehow. Twitter can’t be entirely dependent on advertisers. How about 8 dollars?”, he wrote in the first letter. I’ll explain the logic at length before doing this. It’s the only way to beat the bots and trolls.”

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Jason Calcanis, who works for one of the companies involved in buying the social network, launched a survey on Twitter and the idea of ​​paying doesn’t seem very popular. 82% of the nearly two million users who responded as of Tuesday say they won’t pay for the check mark. “Interesting,” replied Musk, who had time to get dressed up to celebrate Halloween and travel from San Francisco to New York to meet with advertisers in the midst of this big activity.

Implementing the payment system to validate accounts leaves some unknowns. If someone decides not to jump through the monthly payment loop, there is a risk that dozens of Stephen Kings will appear in a Twitter tangle, for example, without there being any certainty about which account the writer belongs to. Verification system is very prevalent among government officials, political leaders, journalists, celebrities and many personalities of all kinds.

Currently none of the big social networks charge to check out their top users, who are often also the ones who attract the most traffic and attention.

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