Elizabeth Holmes, sentenced to 11 years in prison for fraud in the Theranos scandal

The company behind the analyzer machine was valued at just $9,000 million

Elizabeth Holmes arrives at court in San Jose, California. France Press agency


Updated at 10:12 am.

Elizabeth Holmes was sentenced Friday to 11 years and three months in prison, with a further three years of probation, for defrauding investors while she was in charge of the low-cost blood analysis company, Theranos.

Holmes, 38, was found guilty in January by a jury in a San Jose, California court, and now Judge Edward Davila has set the sentence, which has been estimated at up to 20 years in prison. He is expected to make a claim, despite the fact that in his speech he admitted his mistakes on several occasions, as collected by CNN.

The penalty also includes a fine of between $400 and $100 for each fraud carried out, and compensation will be determined at a later date, the same source reported, although in January a fine of $250,000 was imposed.

The government’s defense attorneys demanded 15 years in prison with probation and compensation, while the defense team demanded only 18 months in prison and then probation with community service.

“I’m sorry for my mistakes”

In her speech, she was deeply moved and asserted that this company “was her life’s work” and that the people she tried to get involved with were the people she “loved and respected” the most.

He also issued an apology to Theranos employees, investors and patients. “So sorry. I did everything I had to build and save our company. I regret my failure with every cell in my body.”

The sentence marks the end of a nearly two-decade saga since 2003 founded Silicon Valley’s favorite Theranos and venture capital firms, which was valued at $9,000 million (€7,944 million) in 2003 and dissolved in 2018. its methods.

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