“El Recetario”: very tasty combinations to enjoy suckling pig, lamb and baby

in Free digital copy available on major platforms such as Kindle and Apple BooksAnd the Benovich, Presented by The Sheep and Goat Meat Interprofessional, a delicious recipe book with more from 70 Prescriptions A suckling pig, lamb and a baby To defend the consumption of this healthy national meat.

With this aim, Interovic invites the reader to discover and rediscover the mutton, pork, suckling and delicious, sustainable meats behind the livestock sector that have the potential to keep the rural environment alive and active. It’s a strip It helps to enhance biodiversity throughout the territory, to settle populations in rural areas and to prevent fires. Lamb has been updated by El Recetario Interovic offers the public innovative and versatile options to enjoy through recipes from new chefs, recipes and cuts Such as medallions, leg steak, cornido, churrasco, churrasquitos, carrion steak or collars.

with Foreword by Jesús Sánchez of El Cenador de Amós (3 Michelin stars in Cantabria), the chef praises the patrons and reviews him A gastronomic memory of the celebrations in which lamb was the protagonist on the table, from the lamb to the chilindron in his childhood to the head of lamb he shared with his mother at weddings and at Christmas and encourages readers to be bold with all the recipes. “Never stop cooking and enjoying the kitchen, which benefits you and your environment.”.

“El Recetario” divides the collection of recipes into Three categories: Traditional recipes and starred contemporary recipes, in this last section are collected by chefs such as Begoña Rodrigo from La Salita or Toño Pérez from Atrio. Each recipe consists of two pages, one of which is a presentation photo and the other that collects the ingredients step by step in an organized way, and also includes indications, by icons, of the preparation time, the number of people, easy, medium, hard and the type of meat (pork, suckling or baby pig) .

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And so, in the department traditional recipes We find some like the oven-roasted lamb shoulder. Stewed lamb, chickpeas and refried rice, churrasco mole, lamb san jacopo and flamenquin. on the block Contemporary recipes We can follow the steps to make some lamb balls in sauce with flatbread, a waffle with lamb and tangerine caviar, some fried suckling pork chops, with honey and mustard, wok churrasquitos with vegetables and a baguette, a lamb sandwich with its own name, caramelized peppers. Finally, in Recipes with the staryou can follow the instructions to prepare the cold appetizer of crispy lamb and citrus sauce by Toño Pérez (Atrio, 3 Michelin stars), steak sandwich by Nacho Manzano (Casa Marcial, 2 Michelin stars), Moroccan lamb by Samuel Moreno (Molino de Alcuneza, 2 Michelin stars) one) or the lamb cannelloni with dried apricots, béchamel and plums from Begoña Rodrigo (La Salita, one Michelin star).

The book can be downloaded for free at:

In addition, there is a website where you can refer to all the recipes included in ‘recipe book:

Origin is the most important factor

The recipe book is part of the campaign.Closer is better From Interovic, which aims to promote The consumption of pork, mutton and children’s meat is of national origin, especially at Christmas.

The aim of ‘El Recetario’ is to publicize the cooking options for the national lamb and suckling pig and for the public to discover. New ways and recipes for preparing lamb after traditional cuts. The book brings together years of work and collaborations with various highly regarded chefs and stylists” Explain Raul Muniz, President, Interovic.

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Looking at the label is the best way to ascertain the origin of our pregnancyAlthough there is still a percentage of people who do not do this, more and more people are aware of the importance of consuming national products and more than 70% of consumers prefer to consume mutton and children of national origin.

When buying products of national origin, so are consumers We bet on our farmers, on our cities, on our native breeds and on a much fresher product, In addition to ensuring the future of a sector that only takes place in rural areas.

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