El Niño Lord.cah: Rap with folkloric overtones in an emerging artist of urban sounds

“I make smutty tales for grown-up children with a soundtrack & rdquor;He says Lord’s child. With these stories told in the form of raps, he broke with tradition in his first studio work. Old green is an EP of nine songs covering different musical genres such as folk, flamenco and bolero, in a proposal to blend the latest sounds with those of traditional pieces. After some concerts in the capital, his city, on July 7, he will be able to see how the audience receives him at the Metropolitan Festival of Gijón. He then tours between October and November this year.

El Niño Lord.Cah defines himself as “a deposed and outcast prince who wants to give voice to the marginalized”, but behind this artistic name is a young woman from Madrid born in the 90s who has dedicated her life to art. She is trained in classical and contemporary dance and specializes in acrobatics. Moreover, it is Sculptor and painter Since she was young, she told EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, she has already played with clay figurines. This plasticity is evident not only in the covers of her singles – all designed by her – but also in the music and videos she has directed herself. “I feel Creative impulseand so I try to combine all of these forms of artistic expression,” he said.

His first steps in music

Lorde El Niño didn’t see herself in the music world until the pandemic hit in 2020. During Close Her former partner taught her to play the guitar. Striking the chords, he soon began “writing lyrics for YouTube rap tracks,” he says, and then doing a lot of “research and production” with other musicians.

He has found inspiration in many artists and styles, from the rhythms of electronic music to the Spanish songwriters of the 50’s and 70’s. Miguel de Molina, Las Conchitas, Formula V, SFDK, Residente … are some of his references. “But one of the things I love most and is present on the album is the dramatization of the band. As a kid I loved to act in front of a mirror like a folklorist.” Today she appears wearing a mantilla in a video confusionAnd it has other influences as well, such as some oriental tones that may seem taken from it Arabian Nights.

Symbolism and references

for him popular rap Custombrista commitment to the symbolic and the visual. One can see the stories she tells through the descriptions the artist includes in her lyrics. In addition, it addresses social issues with a critical eye, reflecting on the meaning of existence, morality, and gender stereotypes. And so, in a sweet but decadent voice, as she says in one of her songs, suggestive and direct, we are introduced to her eclectic world.

Old green Includes singles like Son of Billy, whose true voice is the mother’s, not the son’s, who after giving up her dreams of motherhood wonders what she did wrong. In the background we hear Billy’s laments, and the artist’s voice delivers a comic tone bordering on irony. Another feature that also includes sound effects is marbleWhich takes us to the field and the sound of crickets, where he remembers the sweet sound of his childhood.

The field will be one of his most frequent topics, as we hear in return silver“You can’t put up pubs in the countryside,” he sings. He searches for his roots outside of Madrid, because he believes that “nature has more primitive rhythms, and this is related to folklore and music.” This is what it translates to Old green. “We have to go back to the natural rather than the artificial,” he muses.

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El Niño Lord.Cah also uses religious references, from Judgment Day like Mount Sinai or Mary Magdalene. He does not consider himself a believer, but defends the “primordial need to believe in something”, appealing to any religion in general, and Catholicism in particular, since this tradition is most widespread in Spain. However, “this love is represented not only in God, but also in the couple, as you point out silver“.

with Old green El Niño Lord.Cah introduces us to a world of miserable characters, creating the perfect blend between drama and riot, between seriousness and cynicism. Old green It is an example of the duality found in his art, and reflects his unmistakable personal style. An original voice that still has a long way to go.

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