El Corte Inglés launches redundancy incentive scheme for 600 employees over 59

El Corte Inglés is preparing a staff reorganization plan for its central and regional services. On Friday, the Spanish distribution giant informed workers’ representatives of its intentions to carry out this operation, which foresees the transfer of administrative services for the main office in Madrid and regional addresses to professional stores and regional addresses and also includes an additional incentive scheme for employees over 59 years of age.

As El Corte Inglés explained in a statement, the plan aims to “strengthen stores, pay attention to the good development of sales and improve customer service and attention.” She specifies that this is based on two components: job preservation and “special treatment for people with more seniority, most of whom have a long relationship with the company”. In this context, they frame an incentive redundancy scheme in which “people who meet the agreed requirements with legal representation of workers can join voluntarily”.

El Corte Inglés’ sources say there are between 500 and 600 employees on the payroll in that age group in the affected services, but they don’t specify how many outputs they expect to reach.

The reorganization plan also provides for the transfer of professionals to the administrative services warehouses of the main office in Madrid, regional departments and other sales support units.

The store company justifies this move by modernizing the processes and systems that the company has implemented in recent months, “which has promoted the improvement of management, which will allow the reduction of centralized services in favor of business enterprises.”

agreement with unions

In any case, the company notes that this initiative will be “agreed, coordinated and managed” with workers’ representatives, who will begin negotiating the reorganization of the workforce. For now, union sources say they have not been given any details about the plan and will wait to sit down with the company to learn about the re-arrangement in detail.

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The division company implemented a store reorganization plan last year under which several “non-strategic” establishments across the country were closed. Among them, the La Vaguada and Parquesur centers in Madrid; One is on Calle Colon in Valencia, and the other is on Gran Via 20 in Bilbao. Affected employees have been transferred to other nearby establishments. A year ago, the company also implemented an ERE for 3,292 workers.

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