Eating outdoors without flies or mosquitoes? This is a trick “La Ordenatríz”

Marie Kondo threw in the towel, but her spirit remains. he Pay attention to hygiene And first of all, order in the house moved to the hundreds Trainees who put postulates into practice From Japanese teacher Aurora de Grandis best seller how System magic also Happiness after ordering.

One of those followers is Begoña Perez Diez de los RiosKnown as Bego “la Ordenatriz” (la_ordenatriz). his last book, Cleanliness, order and happiness (Planet), an Amazon bestseller in the subject.


He is Content Builder who always gives Good tips And tricks to make the most of your home. the The influencer has very good recommendations for all kinds of things. With the advent of good weather, it is very popular to start eating on the balcony Avoid flies or mosquitoes Very complicated thing.

meals in It can become a balcony in real agony. But it wouldn’t be otherwise, The Ordenatriz gave a trick with his profile From Instagram what is Perfect for preventing these insects spoil your meals.

The trick is to avoid flies and mosquitoes

to This trick You only need one ingredient which is cleaning vinegar. the content maker He explained it in one easy step. What does the influencer do? He drew a circle around the table with vinegar. In addition, it confirms that another option, If you don’t want to put vinegar on the floor He puts the dishes on the table, though he admits that Prefer the circle method. The very important point is that you have to be very sure that what you are using is cleaning vinegar And not from wine or apples, because this, more than Repel, these can attract insects.

You should be careful with the type of soil

Commanding Confirms that you must have Be careful if you draw the vinegar circle around the monthDepending on the type of soil Have it on the balcony or in the garden. Particular care should be taken if the floor is glazed marble or some similar stones, Since summer it eats gloss.

In addition, you must in the garden Be careful With what you throw, because it serves Herbicides and plant damage.

Other plant tricks

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You can too Place these plants near the table Where are you going to eat Because it has insect repellent properties:

  • Lemongrass

  • basil

  • mint

Ordatrix also added that “These measures can help reduce the presence of flies and mosquitoesbut do not eliminate them completely & rdquo;.

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