Easter comes for food: a man finds the face of Jesus Christ in a packet of bacon

On more than one occasion she appeared on the walls of some Houses the face of Jesus Christ. Most believers may come to consider it a divine sign. However, things change when they appear in food. This last supposition occurred to an English citizen, who, when he was going to prepare breakfast, found that the face of Christ appeared drawn upon the slices of bacon which he was about to eat.

The “news,” shared by a Twitter account dedicated to satirizing all things British culture and society, has since It reaches 2.3 million views In just 24 hours. And while it is true that the face looks very curious and at the same time amazing, many users have reacted with the same sense of humor as the account itself.

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Twitter that accumulates Almost 60 thousand “likes” and 5 thousand “retweets”, Accumulates the most genius answers. One user replied: “He fried us for our sins” – which in Spanish means “he cold for our sins” – referring to this in the Bible and explaining that Jesus sacrificed himself to save mankind from their sins.

Many others have taken the opportunity to post pictures on the nets that they once found their food. One girl hung three pictures of a piece of bread with a Chihuahua drawn on it, for example.

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