Easter 2023 in Mallorca: surprise pastry shops with Easter cakes

“a job.” Thus describes Pastry chef Lluís Pérez one making process Hundreds of Easter cakes that he and his team are preparing these days to celebrate Easter holiday week. Prepare the chocolate, shape it, stick the different parts, paint it & mldr; Each step requires time so that the figure can then reach the perfect hands of the little ones, the primary recipients of these beautiful works of art.

As every year, when Easter arrives, pastry shops take advantage of creativity and display figures and, most classic, decorated chocolate eggs in their windows.

Matias Mirallespastry chef from Es Forn del Pla de na Tesa, creates monas with Animal figures, from Iaia Corema as well as small Demogorgons Inspired by monsters from the Stranger Things series. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate, although less white, are the three flavors of these sweet treats.

There is very little left to celebrate Easter and the buying of monkeys has been going on for days. “A lot of people are demanding about the system,” says Miralles, who says he doesn’t rule out creating a different pretty look if “inspiration” strikes him. Last year he created a file titamundibased on the sculpture Marina Salazar created to showcase the song My mom by Rigoberta Bandini, and received commissions from outside the island.

In Lluís Pérez’s workshop, they hand out their chicken-like monkeys. There are two models, the one they usually make every year and the one that reminds us of Siurell (in fact, they were originally decorated like that) as the most abstract. The colors this year are inspired by the work of Joan Miro and are all made with milk chocolate because it is what children love the most, says the pastry chef. Right now, they have about 200 plants, of various sizes, and it’s estimated they’ll make a hundred more.

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Believing that it would be the youngest member of the family who would eat them the most, he painted them with natural dyes, obtained from other foods, such as red pepper or spirulina, a type of algae.

in the Foren box They prepared eggs of different sizes and decorations, shapes, up to 30 kinds, and cookies for Easter. He explains that Converse sneakers, heels, Paw Patrol, Baby Shark, PJ Masks, and Lego, among others, inspired monkeys. Neus Llull, who, along with his brother Pau, is in charge of the business. This year, for the older customers, they’ve made chocolate eggs with orchids and on Easter day they’ll have a traditional Mona cake.

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