early recovery | Gonzalo Miro, friend of Amaya Montero: “There is less and less left to return to the stage”

TV presenter Gonzalo Miro told the media that we will soon have news about Singer Amaya Montero stressed friend and former partner of the Basque country-rock singer-songwriter, who recognizes him by his eerie timbre and as the vocalist of La Oreja de Van Gogh for more than a decade.

The artist is still missing from public life, and last October she posted on social media a disheveled and visibly deteriorated black and white photo accompanied by a mysterious text, previously removed from her profile, in which she said: “If hope is the last thing to die and I have yet to lose it, what good is life to me?Therefore, it immediately went viral and all alarms regarding his health condition were triggered. .

“tens to 0”

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Later, in the coming months, there was almost no news from the former member of the pop-rock musical group from San Sebastian, Basque Country until she posted a video on social networks in which she sings the message: “tens in 0”. However, a few days later, gossip magazines announced that the singer was leaving the Navarra clinic after being hospitalized for a few days.

“I spoke to her and I think we will soon have news about her. I’ve already said it once: there is little left, that we are all looking forward to her coming back stronger but I’m happy to talk about her but I’m not the official spokesperson for Amaia Montero “, said the presenter, who was a couple of the ironic singer.

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