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the beer It is one of Madrid’s favorite drinks. The success of major brands, such as Cruzcampo, has led them to continue to innovate and create more technologies to attract fans of these drinks. This is the case of “Tremenda”, the latest innovation “Surprisingly flavourful, intense and full-bodied.”

How is this beer?

The difference in this new beer is alcoholBecause it contains only one 2.4º. Despite this, its intense flavor and aroma will not go unnoticed by the younger ones.

In the past ten years, Heineken has launched more than 40 innovations, andRadler‘ And ‘Apple juice They are some of the most famous and most attractive to the Spaniards. In addition, the company has long invested 25% in investments for new brand products.

But what is now being linked is what is known as the “session”, a trend led by “Cruzcampo Tremenda”, which has already reached our country. In fact, due to some studies on alcohol consumption, society has become more aware of its consumption, so the intention of these drinks is to moderate their consumption.

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“Cruzcampo Tremenda” is the solution to the problem and the solution for beer lovers. The company manager stated the following about the new product: “Without losing the flavor of a good beer, like ‘Cruzcampo Tremenda’, beer with an accent of its name.”

What is clear is that beer is perfect if you want to accompany your food or some good tapas. However, if you intend to avoid a hangover with this drink, the solution is undoubtedly: “Cruzcampo Tremenda”.

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