Drama, a family whose dog was sent by mistake on a plane to Saudi Arabia: “Now she just cries.”

When we fly with our pets, we are always concerned about their comfort during the flight, even though we often rely on the excellent work of the airline staff in treating the animals who are, after all, part of the family.

Through this, one understands the plight of an English family who, while moving to the United States, saw how their dog was sent to the other side of the world, namely to Saudi Arabia.

When they landed at the airport in Nashville, Tennessee, they were given a dog that wasn’t theirs, and from the airline they could only say “maybe.” The dog, bluebellaccidentally inserted into another plane.

Then began a three-day ordeal in which the dog had to endure three trips out of a total of 63 hours to return to her family.

However, Bluebell has been completely stressed out to change the way she interacts with her owners.

“Before, when you saw her, she would always wag her tail and pounce on you to lick your face, but now it’s the other way around,” Madison Miller, owner of Bluebell, told US media.

“I was terrified”

“We had to chase and catch her because she was running away and she was terrified, we realized that Something wasn’t rightNow, he claims, the dog is “resting and won’t stop crying,” added Miller.

Because of this, the woman demanded an explanation from British Airways, which sent an official response from the company responsible for onboard cargo, IAG Cargo, who apologized:

“We’re sorry. As a company, we have a responsibility to care for our customers’ beloved animals, and we’re investigating how this redirection occurred. Even though Bluebell’s trip was longer than it should have been, we made sure to make room for him on his first trip to Nashville.”


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