Do’s and don’ts when decorating your room

Fashion usually rules home décor trends, as it does in the world of clothing. When decorating our home the most important thing Give it our personal touch To adapt spaces and rooms to our tastes and feel comfortable. The decoration of your home can be the essential part of making your home attractive. Although sometimes you don’t really know what tricks to use to create a file The room is well designed and organized. Some mistakes are usually made that lead to spaces in our home not being decorated well at all.

Tiktok is one of the most used social networks global level currently. All believers of this platform will know that with their videos they can entertain and discover locations, places, recipes, dances and even tricks that you never thought of before.

And that with all the problems we face, We don’t always know the solution. For this reason, you want apps like tiktok from users Solve all your doubts Or tease him thanks to your videos. Thanks to one of the videos on the platform, several tips for decorating your room in the best possible way have been highlighted.

Errors and solutions


What you should not do is put a headboard that is not the right size for the bed. This can make the picture of the bed very disproportionate, because we put something smaller when it comes to the size of the bed.

Or if you want to bet on something else, the size of the headboard could be a little wider. despite of The ideal option is to purchase a headboard that matches the exact size of the bed, This will make the area where you sleep well decorated.

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The decorations on the wall are one of the most important parts for decorating different rooms. For this, most of us are accustomed to hanging pictures on the wall with the aim of having something that will attract attention. The mistake some make is choosing panels that are too small compared to the headboard. But the best thing left in your room is Place three pictures directly above the headboard.

In this way, it is compensated and the panels will have the role they deserve.


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Our lamp is also an essential item when decorating our room. What they recommend is not to put tall lamps in low ceilings, because it will make it look much lower and we don’t want to cause that effect.

It would be the perfect thing Choose a lamp that matches the space So that it does not give the impression that the room is smaller than it is.

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