Don’t know how to clean radiators at home? We show you how you can do it

with his arrival Close to the cold radiators We have to be ready before they run. Of course when we talk about cleaning radiators you are not The idea comes to mind. Dust and lint accumulate in all corners of coolers which makes our home more comfortable in winter. To clean it up we saw on Instagram a trick that will help clean it up.

Alicia, a deco influencer known as Tweet embedhe posted a video a few days ago on his Instagram account showing a An easy and simple trick to clean radiators at home. And to get started, you only need a few products that you definitely have at home: a sponge, a piece of cloth and a piece of thread.

Trick to clean it

Start by attaching the sponge to the piece knot in the middle. Once you are done with this knot, you should wet the sponge and put a little neutral soap and put the sponge in Vents from the top of the radiator. The thread will help guide the sponge through the gaps, thus cleaning from top to bottom.

You will have to repeat this hole after hole until the sponge removes the dirt that accumulates in the The internal parts of the radiator. Eventually, you will have to scrub the surface with a clean cloth to remove the excess soap, and go over the entire exterior. Do you dare to perform this trick? To make it clear, here is the Instagram video of that deco effect

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