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from last January 1Pets have become part of the family and are considered by law to be another member. From now on, animals are already protected by law so that they cannot be mistreated and people who want to have one are responsible and have to take responsibility for it.

There are many questions and answers about pets, from vaccinations to care or how to keep them happy.

The latest requirements before the new animal law

dogs and cats are the most common animals which they usually have at home in Spain. The law now requires a test before getting a pet, which is a test to show you qualify, although there is a cap on it must be in the home and it cannot be They were tied up on the balcony Or yard for a long time because they could fine you up to €50,000.

The place our pets occupy

Pets fill many people’s homes with life. become companion animals Another family member And ensuring their well-being and taking care of them as they deserve should be one of the main goals of everyone They decide to include an animal in their lives.

Although we often include our pets in all of our plans, travel isn’t always so convenient. this It is due to many destinations Not adequately adapted to animals, because they many times It is not taken into account in the essential aspects of life.

For this he was born volunteer initiative. Free service It can make your life much easier when you can’t Depends on family or friends To take care of your pet.

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“Lend me your puppy” initiative

This initiative is an online community that connects owners Dogs with volunteers I offered to take care of you, so Free and temporary An initiative that already has 50,000 members in our country.

It is a service Fully supportive approachBecause the owners do not pay volunteers.

The only requirements you must meet to leave your pet with a volunteer

  1. You must bring your pet’s food

  2. Give everything to the animal You may need to feel comfortable (items you use regularly)

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with ‘Lend me your puppyYou can ask for a simple outing, Even volunteer to take care of your dog During the holidays (being a temporary thing).

How can you use this platform?

  • Create a profile: how owner or volunteer

  • We talk and meet between owners and volunteers meet and check How do you communicate with your pet?

one of the things Practice recommendations Is that a volunteer and a dog Spend time together so that the animal can Build trust with your caregiver before leaving them alone.

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