Doctors ask to delete it from the diet: it seems healthy, but it is not

There are some foods They are not correct The case, which we will talk about next, also shows that A Delicious dinner For his speed, simplicity, and good taste, though he could harm our healthAs doctors and nutritionists warn.

It is neither more nor less than the famous ‘bikini’ also Mix sandwichwhich is done with Slices of bread, ham and cheese. But before you get your hands on your head and ban us forever, you should know that this has a a reasonand is located in Ingredients quality which are usually used to cook this dish. We explain it to you below.

White mold bread

First, let’s talk about bread. Usually, for this dish a Moldy white bread. This consists of refined flour, which undergo processes that reduce its nutritional quality, unlike whole grain bread. Thus, white bread can be negative for health because it raises blood sugar blood sugar levelsincreases the tendency to fat accumulation and can produce inflammatory effect in our bodies.

cooked pork

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The next controversial ingredient is the pork we use. When buying York ham or cooked pork in it supermarketIt is very important to look at the ingredients list, especially at The actual percentage of pork Which contains the sausages we’re going to buy. Although surprisingly, there are hams that only contain 55% or 60% real meat, and the rest of the added ingredients are not the most recommended for health. The ideal method is to use cooked pork that contains at least 85% pork.

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Finally, it is necessary to talk about cheese. Unfortunately, the cheeses used to make sandwiches or sandwiches are often of lower quality – as usual.tranchesIt contains components such as: Refined oils or additives that turn them into Ultra processed. According to nutritionists, in order for cheese to be considered high-quality, it must contain cheese Milk, salt, lactic ferments and rennet; Without expanding the ingredient list much further.

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