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You sit in front of the computer, cross your legs, relax your back so that your shoulders drop, and look at the screen below eye level. And you don’t wake up for hours. This situation, which may sound cartoonishly intuitive, is very real for many workers who spend their days sitting in front of a computer without concern for their posture or having a comfortable work environment. The physical consequences are more likely, and will come in the form of pain, especially in the back.

It is so common that it is the first chronic health problem in Spain, ahead of diseases such as high blood pressure, osteoporosis, arthritis or rheumatism. This is recognized in the consensus document on back pain prepared by Semergen (Spanish Association of Primary Care Physicians) and Sefac (Spanish Association of Family and Community Pharmacists), which proves that about 80% of the Spanish population have experienced or will suffer from back pain, despite the fact That you will suffer from different causes and with different intensities throughout your life.

In any case, when the pain is caused by a sedentary job and incorrect posture, it is very easy to take some measures to help relieve it. In addition to the classic advice about trying to maintain good posture or taking breaks and getting up from time to time to stretch your legs, ergonomic technology can become a great ally.

Surveillance, peripherals…

In addition to choosing the right work desk and chair, several other components have the potential to greatly improve ergonomics in a workspace. Thus, when working with a desktop computer, it is possible to choose an ergonomic monitor instead of a traditional one. And what does this mean? In addition to being adjustable in height, depth or inclination, they also contain technologies that reduce reflections or damage of light to the eyes.

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The LG Ergo range, for example, with models available between 27 and 34 inches—they even just introduced one with two screens, one on top of the other—can move “infinitely” and includes technology that eliminates flicker in images; Samsung’s ViewFinity, equipped with Eye Care technology, automatically adjusts the brightness and temperature of the lighting to suit all environments.

However, in the case of working from a laptop, a support that raises the screen to a height is necessary, which helps to achieve the most comfortable position and, by the way, improves the cooling of the device. There are hard stations like the Hama 12-in-1 USB-C Docking Station which, as its name suggests, also adds up to 12 different connections for equipment expansion; foldable like NGS lift stand; Or an adjustable one, such as the Duronic DML121, that raises the device up to 46 cm from a desk. When used, yes, it must be borne in mind that the built-in keyboard will no longer be able to be used, which will be very loud and inclined.

Therefore, it is better to choose peripherals (keyboard and mouse) that are also comfortable; Also if using a desktop computer. In this sense, the reference is Logitech, with a keyboard like the Ergo K860 with a distinctive wave design and the keys divided into two zones for the right and left hand; Lifting the mouse vertically, at a 57-degree angle, puts less stress on the wrist and encourages a more natural positioning of the arm and upper body. These are not the only examples: Microsoft or Trust also have their own ergonomic models.

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also “to wear”

And what about devices we can wear to avoid or improve pain? A lumbar belt like the Hyperice Venom 2 Back offers vibration and heat-based massage that promises to reduce tension, cramping, and pain; It is possible to place a massage cushion on the chair (a good example would be the Medisana MC815) that uses pressure and heat therapy to massage the lower back, back, and neck; Or resort to a shiatsu-type cervical massager (eg, InnovaGoods Sissage) to further ease discomfort in the area with heat and massage.

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