Do you spend long hours with your mobile phone? So you can unhook your phone

We spend several hours with him a day. In some cases, quite a lot. So much so that a name has been given to the fear or anxiety that arises when a person spends a period of time without being able to use their mobile device: nomophobia. A week ago, WhatsApp crashed for two hours, making it impossible to send and receive messages, causing unrest among users. This past Monday, Instagram.

“Young people, and more and more adults, live connection as an imperative. It’s like Cato. Any technology failure wreaks havoc on that production logic we’ve created to be up-to-date on everythingSystem collapse, complete chaos because everything is largely supported by these platforms, ”explained Antonio Santos, professor at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Valencia, in a recent article in this medium.

51% of the active population in Spain admit this Answer calls or respond to work messages on days offAccording to the latest InfoJobs-ESADE report, 34% claim that the same job requires such availability. We are used to being in constant contact with family and friends and having access to all information at the click of a button. But don’t worry, we give you recommendations to get rid of your mobile phone without trying to die.

• Awareness of use

First of all, you should be aware of the time you spend on your phone. Is it really necessary? How often do you check your mobile phone? The average, according to various surveys, is 80 times a day. Yes, it seems like a lot. Count the number of times you unlock your device. To curb this impulse, there are some apps that will make you rethink opening an app or even allow you to compete with your friends to see who can stay longer in Airplane Mode.

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• Notices

news, new messages and notifications from social networks and mldr; Notifications that invade the home screen of devices are the first thing to limit. To do this, you must deactivate all those that you consider unnecessary. With fewer notifications, you will have less temptation to use your mobile phone. On iOS, you have to go to Settings and there, to Notifications. On Android, Digital Wellbeing, Notification Management.

• Limitations of use

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There are always apps where we spend more hours immersed. Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, mldr; To put an end to it, limit its use. You can choose the minutes you want to allocate to each of them throughout the day. And no, if you override it, it’s not worth adjusting and adding time. On iOS we will find it in Settings> Screen Time. On Android, Settings > Digital Wellbeing.

• Create schedules

In the same way that we adhere to certain schedules of work or exercise, we must set aside a few hours to be entertained with our mobile phone: 15 minutes in the morning; half an hour in the afternoon. For this, applications that lock your terminal are useful. If you are one of those who picks up the phone as soon as you wake up, you can use it so that the temptation to spend half an hour in bed consulting social networks becomes complicated.

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