Dmitriy Rossi fled to Georgia to avoid conscription: ‘Some of my friends say I’m a traitor’

At this point in his life, Dmitry has likely had many “supras” in Georgia. The “supra” is a generous offer of hospitality in those lands. Georgians start with a snack for the guest and end up serving the entire pantry: hashapuri (cake stuffed with cheese), chirchjela (plant cooked with flour and stuffed with hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts), salad, fruits, chocolate, beer, soft drinks, coffee, vodka and rivers of vodka. Forbidden to refuse toast! No grief can justify a drink, not even to force you to leave your country and thus avoid conscription in a vain war. Dmitry, like thousands of other Russian citizens, decided to go into exile when Putin ordered the mobilization of reservists to try to overturn a conflict that did not smile at him. The main destinations chosen for this “defection” were Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey and Armenia. The window of opportunity has not been open for long: in the case of Georgia, for example, Moscow has tightened its border controls. But Dmitry was able to carry out his plan. False pretenses, says this young man, born 26 years ago in Tambov, a city of 300,000 people located 480 kilometers south of Moscow. In the oblast to which it belongs – of the same name – one of the largest peasant and landlord rebellions against the Bolsheviks took place in 1920-1922 during the Russian Civil War. Dmitry moved to the capital, where he has lived for the past ten years; He is single but has relatives in his country, so he asks not to make too many personal statements so as not to harm them. Work in hospitality. “Under false pretenses, Vladimir Putin and his government started a war in neighboring lands to resolve personal issues,” he adds. He decided to leave Russia a year ago, before conflict was already on the horizon. “I didn’t see my future prospects. I planned the move carefully, but it was impossible at first due to the “special operation” on February 24th and then due to mobilization. I never joined the military because I have a “B” stamp on my military ID, which means I’m not fit due to health issues, but can enlist in times of need. And now we see exactly how it happens. ” Related news Si Exodus standard for Russians after mobilization: “I feel lucky, but I fear for my family who is still in Russia” Rosalía Sánchez Testimonies of young people who escaped from Putin’s crowd testify to the anguish of the residents for two days After the declaration of the Supreme Leader, Dmitry realized that he could not wait any longer and headed to Georgia. He has friends in Tbilisi who helped him rebuild his life there. This country with a convulsive past leaves behind black and white to enter modernity. Russia annexed the Georgian kingdom in 1801. In 1921 It was occupied by the Red Army and became a Soviet Republic. On April 9, 1989, in the midst of the collapse of the Soviet Union, people took to the streets of Tbilisi. Soldiers took tanks to the street and scattered the dead. Two years later, Georgia declared its independence. He ended the century as a bowl and spoon movie, His factories were turned into ghost dumps. Perhaps all the screws of the Soviet Union were produced in some. These chimneys made the air unbreathable. They are said to have gassed a group of Soviets in a Nazi concentration camp. To the surprise of the executioners, a man survived. One. On his departure he declared that he was originally from Zestaponi, in the Georgian region of Imeria, the most polluted region of the Soviet Union by giant furnaces. Shelter in the Caucasus After his stay in the capital, our hero will breathe the best possible air for the next few weeks in Gudauri, in the mountains of the Caucasus. “I try not to lose touch with my relatives and other close people in Russia, although I heard different opinions from them about my decision. Some tell me that I panicked and that everything is fine, while others insinuate that I am some kind of traitor. She has always wanted to live abroad, So I found this experience useful. I will not go back as long as Russia is on the wrong ideological path.” Regarding the position taken by his compatriots towards the war, he asserts that “unfortunately, a large number of Russians support the actions of our army in Ukraine. But there are also a lot of people who do not want to participate in it. In any case, it is impossible to protest – especially in big cities – because of the actual prison sentences. For this reason, those who can leave the country do so.” Dmitriy understands the position of the West despite the economic and image damage it inflicts on the Russians. “We must understand that [las sanciones] They are not the cause, but the effect. The reason is a criminal invasion of the territory of independent Ukraine. I dare not speculate on the outcome of the war, but I know 100% that you cannot take something that does not belong to you without taking responsibility.”

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