Dinner from ‘First Dates’ reacts to her dating career: ‘I can’t fool you’

On a first date, getting to know each other well is essential, especially if it’s blind. On First Dates, participants must introduce themselves after meeting without knowing anything, and certain statements, such as what profession or city they come from, are common, although some of their answers Surprise some of the restaurant goers.

This week, the program organized a meeting between Delia and Daniel, two young people who want to fall in love. One of the topics discussed in The beginning of the evening This was what they did and the boy admitted that he studied two professions: “I started in law because of ‘you have to study something’ and then I studied criminology.”

Wearing a funny Dali-like mustache, Daniel explained that he now works as a man criminal lawyer, A career that caught Delia’s attention, and she couldn’t avoid the strange reaction: “I can’t deceive you,” He was referring to the fact that due to his job it might be somewhat difficult to hide information from him.

His answer aroused laughter between the two While they came to the conclusion that yes It is usually difficult to deceive or lie For the boy for his ability to discover the truth derived from his work effort.

A story that pushes boundaries

First dates Its main purpose is for the participants to find love or, at least, to start looking for it. With so many blind dates running through their tables, chances are that some encounters will go well and others will go completely wrong.

The diners are the ones who appear in front of the cameras almost without any kind of filter or contrast. That is some Stories It’s so amazing that it’s hard to believe it’s true. In this case, Lydia, the 38-year-old stunned the entire audience with his confession. It turned out to be a family dinner Kings. “I am from a distant family of Princess Soraya from Iran.” Between laughing and a little shyness, Lydia commented that it wasn’t something she talked about much either: “I don’t say it much either. I don’t consider myself royalty.”

Lydia has been single since July 2021 and has been looking for a very handsome, intelligent, sexy, dark-haired man with a beautiful smile… “What character interests you, he could be the perfect man, but if he lacks sparkle.” However, it seems that “ The Personal Cupid at First Dates knew how to make it right with his choice. He had an appointment with Michellea 39-year-old Italian The strange beauty of his companion captivated him.

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Often lies A number of diners can go unnoticed and do no harm, but other times they can be prohibitive. In case if Manuel, he wanted to make a good impression and ended up lying in his presentation. The retired و, 74, told halfway through his appointment that he was Cousin of actor Juan Diegowho passed away last April, was known for roles such as the one in which he performed “Baku men& rdquo;. After this announcement caused a huge media uproar, First Dates was forced to make a public apology social networks And she denies the news: “From the“ first dates ”we want I apologize to Juan Diego’s family And to his relatives from the town of Ramjos, because we have verified that one of the followers who participated in the program lied when he confirmed that he was a relative of his. In memory of Juan Diego, the genius of interpretation. DEP”, on his official Twitter account. Manuel’s lie has gone too far.

a lie Manuel Too far gone. He even came to act as if he was really his relative: “It was a shame that he died because all the actors in Spain loved him. He made very good films and in the theater he was number one. I can’t keep him. I’m talking because I’m starting to mourn.”

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