Did you know that it is much hotter inside your house because of the color of your walls? Change it to this color

that it Which seems unrelated So heat up and see that it could be anyone Solutions do not die melted by the sun. Surely you’ve heard about Strong colors on the walls can make you nervous And we don’t let you rest easily. Well, another Curiosity is that strong color of your walls generates more heat than if you painted the walls light colors. Light colors absorb much less heat and reflect natural light more efficiently.

New colors for the interior

Use of light colors house wallsas well as in furniture and curtains, contributes to spread of natural light Therefore, it is also prohibited Use of artificial lights. This makes it absorb less heat and Reduce the use of equipment Air conditioning in the house. to me Which will have a double advantage. You will also save on electricity bills.

Like new colors Shades of light bluepale green or even classic white, has the ability to reflect sunlight and Maintain a low temperature.

light colors

Light colors give a feeling of freshness and brightness in home spaces. Which is particularly useful In rooms exposed to sunlight during the day. So, Use light colors The paint makes the house cool, but by how much?

the white paint They are known for their ability to reflect sunlight, thus, Reduce absorption of heat in inside the house.

White is the most efficient

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It has been proven The walls are painted white It can reduce the temperature to varying degrees compared in darker colours.

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he White color reflects most solar radiationIt prevents heat from spreading accumulate inside the house. So paint the walls White interior is an effective choice and economical to maintain Home freshness.

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