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Bugs in WhatsApp can cause really uncomfortable situations, and until now, the sender had the option to delete a message that was sent by mistake or by mistake. The problem with deletion is the fact that the recipient is notified that that message has been deleted, for which the suspicion of what was written is still worse than the error that was made. WhatsApp knows this, and an interesting function has been leaked through a beta version: the possibility to edit the message sent.

This new functionality has been recognized by the latest Android beta version of the app, and as reported by WaBetainfo. What exactly does it consist of? Once the message is sent, the sender will have 15 minutes to hold their finger pressed on it and release it. The recipient will know this circumstance, as they will see a stamp on the letter, with the text “Edited” and the time of issue; Something very similar to what other platforms use, such as Twitter in its paid version.

Boundary edition

As we indicated, this new function is available, for the time being, on Android and for the aforementioned beta version, although it will soon arrive on the iPhone, as is usual with the incorporation of new features. “During that time, you can edit as many times as you want,” explains Andro4all blog coordinator Christian Collado. Some of the limitations this expert considers “limiting” because they limit the editing capability to a very short period of time.

In other words, if you mess up—say, sending a very intimate message to a family member, or a co-worker—half an hour later, you won’t be able to make up. What is the reason for setting a time limit? Collado warns that random and unrestricted editing of messages “can be used for abusive purposes, primarily through malicious manipulation of conversations, altering the content of old messages.” In other words, someone could misrepresent a message we sent two or three days ago, and that could be very dangerous.

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The platform belonging to Meta will lag compared to Telegram, which has long allowed random editing of messages (this can be done, up to 2 days after sending). However, WhatsApp doesn’t seem to be in a rush to implement new features, but their priority is to put them into practice, manage their own time and make sure that improvements are applied well. And contrary to popular belief, WhatsApp is more secure than Telegram, since it has message encryption by default.

How do you enjoy this new feature? As we indicated earlier, it will be necessary to sign up for the platform’s beta program and, for the time being, you must be an Android mobile user. In any case, the times for integrating new functions are usually strictly adhered to: first a beta version on one platform, and after a while, it is extended to the other and becomes official.

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