“Dictatorship extends to Bogota”

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed expulsion from the country Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, claiming that he “was in Bogotá infrequently”.

In the afternoon, Mr. Juan Guaido, a Venezuelan national, was detained by the Colombian Immigration Service He was in Bogotá infrequentlyto Eldorado airport with a view to verifying their departure on a commercial airline for the United States at night.”

They have also reported it Guaidó himself bought his ticket to fly In the commercial line, he highlights that “it is not true then that the national government has an airplane to take Mr. Guaido to that country.”

Guaido says that “the dictatorship has spread to Colombia”

In a video posted on his social networks, Guaidó speaks from the commercial plane that is taking him to the United States and responds to his expulsion from Colombia, it’s called “unfortunate”.

After 60 hours of driving to get to Bogota, and overcoming the oppression of the dictatorship, Maduro regime challengeThey’re taking me out of Colombia. Unfortunately, the oppression of the dictatorship has extended to Colombia today,” he said.

He also confirmed that “it was the Foreign Minister of Colombia (Alvaro) Leiva who invited me to listen to the opposition,” and He denounced the “threats” to his family.

He confirmed that he respected Colombia’s “internal regulations”, and detailed that the immigration agents who accompanied him to the plane to ensure he left the country “were very respectful”.

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“Let’s hope that Colombia’s institutions will respond, let’s hope that tomorrow at that summit the nations will speak of democracy, of respect for human rights, of the safety of their oppression today, not only in Venezuela but all over the world.” , he was judged.

Guaido flew by surprise to Colombia on Monday to attend the International Political Dialogue Summit on Venezuela to be held this Tuesday, which is being organized by Colombian President Gustavo Petro.

However, the Colombian government confirmed shortly after that Guaidó had not been invited to the summit, and that only invited countries would participate in the talks.

The leader of the opposition, who informed in a statement of his arrival in Colombia, had denounced A Increased threats against him in Venezuela, supposedly leaving the country would be a “risk”, but considered it necessary to “go out again to ask the world for support for the Venezuelans”. In addition, he confirmed that he had entered Colombia “in the same way as millions of Venezuelans (…) on foot”.

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