Dictators don’t get better

The Chinese Communist Party will introduce Xi Jinping at the congress that begins tomorrow. He will receive a new five-year term, which is due to become life, and will eliminate pro-Russian rivals and advisers from his entourage. Xi’s power-building comes as China is entering a more introspective period, with an economy in turmoil and less desire for global influence. Economic expansion and infrastructure building projects continue along the New Silk Road, but with less momentum. The Chinese system is increasingly focused on domestic issues, with the challenge of adjusting – without seeming it – the failed Covid zero policy and returning to rates of economic growth that ensure social stability. The proclaimed “alliance without borders” with the other great Asian dictatorship became very complicated. Russia has a more complex future than China. Moreover, Western sanctions indirectly harm the chances of a rapid recovery of Chinese growth, which is key to maintaining their living standards. Neither Asian country wants the United States and its allies to rewrite the rules of the game of globalization. In invading Ukraine, however, they underestimated Western unity and its ability to respond. Related News Si Standard protesting Covid 0 policy breaks Beijing’s shield and calls for Xi Jinping’s overthrow Pablo M. Díez By circumventing police surveillance, a protester sets fire to a bridge and opens some banners just before the Communist Party Congress Joe Biden knows that in this The stage he cannot lose to Russia if he wants to contain China. The United States is using the concept of the Indo-Pacific to be more and more present in Asia. This is a strategic shift that we Europeans must pay as much attention to as possible, in order to maintain our position as allies of Washington with sufficient global capabilities. Xi Jinping prefers to wage war without sufficient preparation on the Russian side to end it as soon as possible, a lesson he applies to his blockade of Taiwan. He will probably call at some point for a ceasefire, without blaming Putin for his blatant incompetence. But the end of the conflict will take time. Dictators don’t get better and the strongman in Moscow can’t get what he asks for.

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