Diaz attacks Escrivá’s pension reform and denounces that it is tightening access to it

The cutting within the government is creaking, and again, it is because of pension reform. Second Vice President of the Republic and Minister of Labor and Social Economy. Yolanda DiazHe made it clear this Tuesday during his visit to Mexico that “to extend the calculation of the regulatory rule to 30 years is Tighter access to retirement which we cannot share, ”she tells Cervimedia.

Some of the statements she made after the media asked her about the proposal submitted by the Ministry of Integration, Social Security and Migration, which she presides over. Jose Luis Escrivá During the second phase of the pension reform which will mean, among other proposals, an increase in the pension calculation period. Specifically, Diaz noted that this estimate was made first over 8 years, then over 15 years and so far over 25 years, which is still not fully valid. In his opinion, he argued that labor reform had been promoted to “restore” rights and that, in his opinion, the extension of the account period was a decision “we don’t share it”.

In any case, he reiterated his respect for conversations that take place within the framework of social dialogue. who confirmed that it contained “some positive elements”.

The document was sent yesterday to social agents, as reported by ABC, presumably Extending the pension calculation period from 25 to 30 yearsWith one exception, a future retiree may choose the most favorable 28 years of subscription. The transition period will be defined between 2027 and 2038, according to Susanna El Selay. In addition, the maximum rules from 2023 and the contribution that will not apply until the following year are also included. In this way, the increase in pensions will be linked to the consumer price index, the elimination of dumping and the so-called Mechanism of Intergenerational Equality (MEI).

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