DGT | The New Way to Control Violations: Vehicles with Cameras

The General Traffic Department uses certain vehicles to control violations such as using mobile phones or not wearing seat belts

DGT usually renews breach detection systems on an ongoing basis. urban campaigns l Speed ​​control Known by drivers and Methods that they use to detect these abuses Very diverse.

However, although there are some that the body follows more insistently than others, the Improper use of the seat belt smoke or use a Mobile While driving they are the main targets currently that’s why they created new ways.

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The authority has begun to fine for breaching these traffic regulations and is doing so through some Cameras in trucks. It tends to go unnoticed in traffic and from there, check that the driver is not violating the road safety regulations. Can also be used as mobile radar to control the speed.

New DGT Trucks

The user got acquainted with one of these trucks in Seville, in an area where the maximum speed is 50 km / h, and from the network “social motive” Pictures have been released. There is a speed camera in one of the car windows in the question. Other Twitter users criticized the post, as it could encourage drivers to commit such violations.

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