DGT | The new notice for everyone who has a driver’s license

Last November, the General Traffic Department stopped sending paper notices to Legal persons. This was announced on their website, where they released a statement outlining this step the organization has taken towards it Digitization. This way, DGT only notifies drivers b Violations Through the Electronic Directorate of Roads (DEV).

For this reason, Body Independent recommends it to anyone who has it driving license You must register for this Serviceswhich will allow them to verify through the mobile application that is Violations committed, their corresponding Penalties And other information of interest.

legal obligation

DGT has proven this from the past November 1 The relationship between management and legal persons will become only in form Digital. So, since then wanted log in DEV for process Fines which is no longer issued on paper.

any companyfor which registration is required, or private You want to subscribe to this service P O Box Email can do just that Free As long as there is a valid digital certificate and a valid digital certificate is provided. Mail and a number of Telephone To receive notices.

How to register

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be logged in DEV You just have to access the website of DGT Once there, enter the Other Actions section. In this submenu, the option “Electronic notice: electronic road address (DEV)” must be selected. To continue the process, it will be necessary to have a file certificate As for digital identifierwhich will be used for authentication New user account.

Once access is complete, it is recommended to review all Messages Received in the inbox. Similarly, registered drivers will be able to check fines across the ‘Implementation’ miDGT on their mobile phones. In case you need more informationThe traffic agency provides the number 060 For any kind of consulting related to this service.

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