DGT recommendations on electric scooters

Still hated by many electric scooter It has become one of the commuting alternatives to the most used traditional transportation in the city. To the thousands of private users should be added those who use the extension Shared scooters. In Spain there is already More than half a million users of this servicewith about 6000 scooters distributed throughout the national geography.

Of course, this growth is not without some controversy. And it is that many users do not respect the traffic regulations when they travel on the electric scooter through the city. A position that is repeated when they stand. And that is, only in Madrid, since the City Council regulations relating to this type of vehicle came into force in 2018, Electric scooters accumulate the most penalties imposed to VMP (Vehicle Personal Mobility).

For this reason, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has sent a message through its social networks warning of the bad practices that are taking place. The traffic notice begins “If you move to a VMP, remember you are a driver”.

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This reminder accompanies directions A series of rules that scooter drivers must followsuch as not driving on the sidewalk, not going with more than one person, not taking alcohol and drugs, and not using headphones.

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Finally, DGT ends the message with an extensionThere is no recommendation for safety:”# Try to see And advice: a helmet could save your life.”

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