DGT Holy Week | The DGT mentions the importance of checking the car before leaving on an Easter trip

With the approaching Easter holiday, the period expected by the General Traffic Department (DGT) 16 million trips On Spanish roads between Friday 31 March and next Monday 10 AprilRoad safety becomes more important than usual.

For this reason, the organization has sent a message to all drivers through their social networks, stating the importance ofAnd check the car properly before starting the trip.

“Before getting on the road, check some elements of your car, thus avoiding fear during the trip,” says the message from Traffic, which confirms critical safety components Such as brakes, lights, tires, battery, direction or fluid levels and filter status, among others.

Likewise, the DGT mentions this This holiday period is one of the most complex periods of the yearby increasing the volume of flights in a short period of time, with similar origins and destinations on the same days and times.

How to prepare the car for the Easter holidays

As confirmed by the DGT, before embarking on a trip it is necessary to check a series of vehicle elements. The first, basic, and easiest check is the oil level.. In turn, it is more interesting to check the cleanliness of the filter. Along the same lines The condition of the filters must be taken into account Air, fuel and even anti-pollen.

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he Brake fluid level It should also be reconsidered, since its proper functioning depends on it. It is equally necessary Check the condition of the shock absorbers and springsbecause important factors such as stability or even the braking distance depend on it.

Whether you will be traveling during the day or at night, this is essential Check the condition and proper functioning of all vehicle lightsand they always have backup lights.

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Likewise, in order for the headlights and the rest of the electronic elements in the car to work, it is necessary for it to work The battery is fully charged and that the condition of its stations is adequate. In environments with adverse weather conditions, it is also necessary to ensure correct visibility for the driver in the event of rain. For this we have to make sure that washer mop In good shape And that there is enough water in your tank.

the Tires It is one of the most important elements of the car, because it is the only part that keeps the car in contact with the road. The main factors for review are: pressure and corrosion.

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