Desperate, Orestes asked all his followers: “Please stop following her.”

a month ago ‘password’ Rafa Castano awarded more than 2,200,000 million euros. Sevillian manages to beat Orestes in Final heart attack in which Roscoe completed on one pitch. A moment that will remain etched in television history and in the memory of all viewers of the show who remain interested to this day. contestants.

After the program is broadcast, Orestes is a barber He decided to isolate himself and disappear without entering his social networks or giving any interview beyond a brief permit to the regional channel from his home turf, Burgos. The silence of the former contestant caused such a stir that Luis de Lama, his great friend and who was also on the verge of winning the long-awaited jackpot, put in a call to “Espejo Público”. “It’s very frustrating.”, I confess. “He thinks when some geography didn’t come to him or when he knew something out of the dictionary and he didn’t say it and he was conservative and he should have said it…mldr; then he’ll try to fit all the little pieces so that his brain tells him to come and move on or else, We’ll go crazy.”announce.

A few words would make you think Orestes wasn’t having his best moment, but nothing could be further from the truth. A few days later, Orestes returned to his social networks to deny that message and to make sure that he finds that joy in the calmness of the people. To be able to regain his former lifes After the extraordinary experience he lived. Of course, making it clear that restoring the routine and daily life involves leaving everything to do with the public.

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After that violent letter in which he vehemently accused the press, the man from Burgos remained silent until only a few days ago, when Return to social media to launch a petition to his followers. They hacked into my Instagram claiming false security and sent sms to my phone. Please stop following her.”

Report my Instagram account for deletion, please. I can’t log in because my password has been changed. I asked in another message.

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