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Until 2020, there was a place in Wincanton, an English town of barely 6,000, where you could buy stamps that, if they intended to post a letter somewhere, they could only do so within a novel. Because they were postage stamps issued in Ankh Morpork, the capital of the Arab Republic of Egypt disco world. And it wasn’t the only thing that was present in that little shop, Disc World Emporiumwho jumped from the page of the novel into reality. There was, there today – the shop is still open Connected-, all sorts of things related to Sidi’s wonderful saga Terry Pratchett. That sort of thing, if a character in any of those books ever ran away, he might recognize him, and it was probably the only thing he knew, in the real world.

The same applies, for example, to the Butterbeer served at Leaky boilera very famous establishment in Diagon Alley, a magical alley that only mages and magic apprentices have access to, in Harry Potter. This day ie looting You can take them imported – there are brands that market them -, or in the studios where epic films were created by JK Rowling. By the way, Rowling’s saga is a topical topic this week. A video game has just been released. Hogwarts Legacy, which makes you an almost real-time student of the School of Magic. You have to attend class, go shopping, make friends, experiment with spells until you drop, and of course, deal with all sorts of things.

Arts and Meters station

But nothing created for this video game – which adds the world to the world of Harry Potter – is outside of it the way there are the stamps of Ankh-Morpork or Butterbear. Wave Arts and Meters station Paris metro. The Arts et Métiers station of the Paris Metro was inaugurated in 1904. In 1904, Jules Verne He was still alive. He died the following year. He could not even imagine, when he did, that one day one of the first astronauts would send a letter to his grandson to tell him that Had it not been for his grandfather’s books, he would not have dreamed of traveling to the moon. The letter is today in his home museum, at Nantes. There could be one too Benoit Peters And Francois Schouten. I would say something similar to the fact that without him the Arts et Métiers station would never have existed.

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Not the station itself, of course, but the way it has looked since 1994. The way it has looked since 1994 is the one presented to it by Peters and Schotten, in the image and likeness of a subway station in one of their dark cities. In other words, the cities they imagined as opposites or reinterpretations—isolated and, in many ways, inclusive, always architecturally impressive—to the originals, to their series dark citiesa series of disturbing and dark comics From an obvious line—Peters is French, Schouten is Belgian—he began publishing 40 years ago, after the two friends met one day at the Palais des Justices in Brussels and were said to have found, there, a “passage” to, literally, “another world.”

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There is something magical about Peters and Schotten’s story. It almost looks like a fairy tale without fairies. Two children attending drawing lessons. know each other. They love each other 12 years old. They start building a library together. “We read the same books,” Peters told me the next afternoon. Those books were by Jules Verne, but also written by her Franz Kafka. Over time, one of them stopped drawing and started writing. The other, the son of a famous Belgian architect, continued to paint. They grew up estranged and, at the age of 22, met one day at the Palace of Justice and said they could try to do something together. Do you remember when you were young? naturally! Why don’t you start there? Why not create a world out of that library?

If there seems to be a lonely, dreamy mind behind Dark Cities — a series of 12 titles and a massive amount of ambient material, from movies to guidebooks and other albums that expand on the mythology — it’s somewhat because two kids were one. His misgivings were the same. They grew up around the same library. It could be said that this boy who was the two of them dreamed of inhabiting a world where there were subway stations that looked like submarines. A ‘steampunk’ submarine would have been mesmerized by her lover, Jules Verne. And in the end they got it. As in their comics, they first conceived it, and then it became reality. And there are days when Peters still doesn’t believe it, he says.

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