Desert Eye | We discovered Eye of the Desert, a mysterious place that can only be seen from space

The largest desert in the world hides mysterious places and mldr; Not for less in the desert that It occupies nine million square kilometers of surface Which includes many secrets inside.

One of its great mysteries, without a doubt, is the so-called Richat structure, which was discovered in 1965 with images taken from space. Then this name wasDesert Eye.

Specifically, we find it in the Sahara Desert in Mauritania, and it is often observed by astronauts because it forms An amazing perfect circle 50 kilometers wide with a spiral shape and strange colour.

mystery since its discovery

Since its discovery in 1965 This place hasn’t stopped piling up all kinds of investigations To find a reason for this phenomenon. But, until now, no one has been able to give a clear explanation of its origin.

At first, after the first studies, it was believed that this massive structure was born as a result of a meteorite impact, but subsequent investigations refuted this thesis.

The most accepted currently is that it is a product of erosion. It is believed that the passage of time has generated this impressive formation Who has created a wonderful place in the middle of the Sahara Desert capable of leaving us speechless.

So … That according to a sample taken in the area, and after subsequent analysis, it was determined that this structure harbors rock deposits within it dating back 2,500 million years.

Subsequent studies, as if that were not enough, determined that this place is rich in compounds such as basalts, kimberlites, and other igneous rocks. Under its structure, important oil and gas wells have been identified, which causes the color of this structure to change depending on the time of day and season in which it is observed.

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For some scholars it is … Atlantis

It is one of the great mysteries of the Eye of the Desert, and for this reason the most natural is that it has many theories. Among them, we find the legendary Atlantis.

There are people who believe in it because it fully corresponds to the description given to it by Plato. The philosopher claimed that it is an island located behind the Pillars of Hercules, that it has a circular shape and that it is divided into several concentric circles.

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According to his description, various water plantations circulated through these concentric circles. And despite the fact that the exact location of what was told by Plato has not been found, many experts consider that the so-called “Eye of the Desert” could be a mysterious lost continent: Atlantis.

Although, for now, they’re just guesses of a place that’s as obscure as it is slightly paradoxical.

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