DeSantis is responding to Biden’s “negligence” by toughening Florida’s “undocumented” laws

On Wednesday, Florida’s governor signed the standard, which includes measures to make it harder for immigrants in an irregular situation to settle

A migrant worker works on farmland in Florida France Press agency

Florida Governor, Republican Ron DeSantis, approved Bill SB 1718 on Wednesday, a law that includes measures that make it difficult for immigrants in an irregular situation to prove their presence. He did just that just hours before the Title 42 became extinct. At a news conference in Jacksonville, upstate, under the slogan “Protecting Florida from the Biden Border Crisis,” DeSantis said the law comes in response to what he described as a “huge problem on the border with Mexico.” According to US media.

The bill includes provisions to invalidate driver’s licenses and identification cards issued by other countries to “unauthorized immigrants,” among several other provisions that seek to make it more difficult for people who do not have a legal permit to settle in that area.

DeSantis criticized what he described as “negligence” on the part of US President Joe Biden’s administration, in immigration matters, “a failed responsibility from day one of his government,” he said.

The governor, a likely challenger to Donald Trump in the Republican primary for the 2024 presidential election, stressed that Florida had tried from the start to “fight the effects of the policy” of the White House tenant.

Community organizations have described the law as “discriminatory and potentially unconstitutional”, with “the sole purpose of instilling fear in immigrant communities” in the state of Florida.

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