DeSantis has already overshadowed Trump

Two Republicans with their profile and prospects for the presidency of the United States scored two resounding victories in the decisive state of Florida in the by-election on November 8, 2022. The state’s governor, Ron DeSantis, re-certified the office with a landslide victory, with 60% of the vote counted with 90% . Senator Marco Rubio won 57% of the vote. Especially improving his results six years ago.

The scale of the Republican victory in Florida, which has a population of nearly 22 million, is evidenced by the fact that Both Republicans won In the disputed Miami-Dade County, a traditional Democratic stronghold. Demoscopy experts had advanced that a similar result would indicate that Florida is no longer known as the “hinge state,” which fluctuates from party to party depending on the election.

Both DeSantis and Rubio Courted the Cuban and Venezuelan vote Warning of the left drift of the Democrats, the rapprochement of the White House under Joe Biden with the Castro and Bolivarian dictatorships.

In his victory speech, Rubio said his opponent, Val Demings, had spent a fortune – $66 million – on a failed campaign. “No amount of money can convince people who have fled Marxism and socialism that the United States should embrace Marxism and socialism,” said the senator, who is in his third term and ran in the primaries in 2016. .

Subsequently, Rubio adjusted his stance with Trump and praised his foreign policy, but the politicians cannot be said to be close allies. Governor DeSantis, for his part, has support and is starting to appear in national opinion polls, which Trump continues to dominate. In the final phase of the campaign, Trump and DeSantis campaigned separately, Without appearing together on stage. The former president plans to announce next week that he will run in the presidential primary again.

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DeSantis’ popularity has grown by opposing lockdowns during the pandemic and preventing preschool teachers from teaching about sexual and gender identity. In his victory speech, he said, “We have embraced freedom. We have maintained law and order. We have protected parental rights. We have respected our taxpayers, and We reject the ideology of “wake up”…we will never give in to the “awake” crowd. Florida is where the “wake up” movement is going to die.” [El llamado movimiento ‹woke› es el del votante concienciado de izquierda, defensor de la corrección política.]

What is clear is that DeSantis is more popular than Trump in the state where they both reside. In 2020, Trump won there with 50% of the vote. DeSantis was close to 60% with an examination of 90%, a marked improvement over the previous president.

This is something Trump seems worried about. As revealed by a Wall Street Journal reporter who traveled with him on Election Day, the former president said at a rally with the press: “If he ran with [a las primarias]I’m going to reveal to him things that wouldn’t be very attractive. I know about him more than anyone elseapart from his wife who is really directing his campaign.”

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