Dele Alli’s message after hitting rock bottom: ‘You saved my life, and that’s why I love you’

Dele Alli is experiencing the worst moment of his career. The child became a “football” prodigy and his fortune was more than 100 million euros … But in the last two years, following Mourinho’s prophecy, he has gone from bad to worse.

“Time flies by, and one day you’ll regret it, I think, if you don’t achieve what you can achieve. You should demand more of yourself, not me, not me. No one. You are. You have to ask yourself more,” the voice of “The Special One” snapped.

Dele Alli “Falling to Hell”: whistled and substituted at 30 for a third

There he signed for Everton at no cost!!! In last winter’s market, however caused his poor performance After only seven months, He will end up on loan at Besiktas.

In Turkey it has reached rock bottom. Besiktas lost 0-2 in the cup against Serik Beledispor of the third division, When Alli started to boo and boo. Senol Gunes chose to replace him on 29 minutes and his team got back. He ended up winning 4-2.

Dele Alli “Falling to Hell”: whistled and substituted at 30 for a third

A slam dunk that Dele Alli responded with a romantic, ball-hugging message: “You saved my life. That’s why I will always love you.”

Obviously, he refers to football. And that is that Ali had to live with her mother, Denise’s, problems with alcohol and He becomes a street kid, always surrounded by older children and with poor influence. I only played soccer. He remembers when they asked him about that mysterious moment that led him to join another trusted family.

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