Decathlon riding shoes that succeed in the rain (for less than €20)

In rainy climates like Asturias, wellington boots are a must. It is difficult to get a model of this type of shoe that is tidy and that serves day in and day out. After the “boom” of Hunter brand shoes a few years ago, this waterproof boot has ceased to be the protagonist of rainy-day looks. However, in recent years there has been an economical option that has emerged as a good formula for getting dressed and without getting your feet wet when it rains.

Popular sportswear company Decathlon excels in rubber riding boots that repel water. Influencer Grace Villarreal commented last year on her YouTube channel about Decathlon shoes: “If you want to get your hands on these goodies.”

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The shoes are made of matte rubber (meaning they don’t shine) and have a high, narrow stick that makes them very stylish. In addition, they also have stitches that mimic seams and give them a sophisticated touch. Its sole provides very good support if the ground gets wet. In addition, they suggest on their own brand page that you can add a “cold protection and sweat absorption insole”. The price of the shoes is 19.99 euros.

Another factor added to the subtle design and its low price. The stick can be cut and adapted to each leg. Decathlon points out: “This boot model can be cut precisely with simple scissors at the height you have in mind.”

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