Death of Sanchez Drago | When he won €12,000 per program on Channel 9

In September 1998, the then President of the Year, Eduardo Zaplanatook the decisive step to consolidate its dominance of Channel 9 He put Genoveva Rig, a journalist who had accompanied him since his days as mayor of Benidorm, in charge of Valencia Public Television.

The appointment of the person who for many years had been in charge of the image of the Consell president and the ephemeral provisional deputy of the People’s Party was not only aimed at strengthening Zaplana’s media power but also preparing his political leap to Madrid. With the appointment of Fernando Sanchez Drago and Julián Lago in 1999, and the subsequent signings of Carlos Davila, Pilar Ferrer, Isabel San Sebastián, Cory Valenzuela, Isabel Duran, Mamen Goruchaga or Alfonso Rojo, Reg opened the way for Landing on Channel 9 for well-known journalists from Madridas a way of making a name for himself in the political gossip of D.C.

12,000 euros for each programme

Fernando Sanchez Drago landed on regional television in Valencia with the program Lighthouse of Alexandria. Produced by Star Line Productions SL, it was dedicated to literature And practically copy the format black on a white backgroundthe space that Sánchez Drago himself had already occupied for Spain TV since 1997.

Alexandria Lighthouse remained on the RTVV antenna until 2004 after it was merged as View the lowest rated grid. It ended up being broadcast on Saturday mornings and on some occasions barely reached 12,000 viewers. The same figure – 12,000, 6,000 as a director and 6,000 as a screenwriter, as Joan Balduffi recalled years later -, but in euros, which the writer paid for each of the 212 programs broadcast. If a few followers Lighthouse of Alexandriaand even less so were the Valencian authors who passed it by or the words uttered by its presenter in the other official language of the community which was not Spanish.

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mysterious paths

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After barely passing 1% of the channel’s audience in five years, a gap appeared Lighthouse of Alexandria He was Covered by “Mysterious Paths” movies and series. In 2004, Zaplana, who was a supporter of Sanchez Drago on Channel 9, was Minister of Labor and spokesperson for the last government headed by José María Aznar. Already in charge of the Generalitat was Francisco Campez, who would never count on Sánchez Dragó for the lunches he organized at the Palau de la Generalitat with other TVV “collaborators” such as Carmen Gorochaga, Esther Esteban, Esther Gén, Alfonso Rojo and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez.

Valencia Public Television decided to dispense with the Madrid writer in the same year with TVE, already directed by the Socialist Administration of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. Fortunately for Sánchez Drago, in 2004 Telemadrid also opened the doors for him to direct and present white nightsanother program on literature that followed the path black on a white background And Lighthouse of Alexandria which remained on the air until 2012.

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