Death of Lisa Marie Presley | Riley Keough, the talented actress and granddaughter of Elvis Presley

Riley Keough grew up between two extremes. When her parents, Lisa Marie Presley and musician Danny Keough, divorced, her mother decided to marry Michael Jackson himself. In his early childhood, he divided his time between Graceland and Neverland, and on the other hand, the trailer parks in which his father resided, for a more modest life, which was no less attractive to Riley. As he explained to The Guardian, when he was eight years old Mr Q was released: “I want to grow up and be poor like you!“.

She never fulfilled that desire: at 15 she was modeling for Dolce & Gabbana and five years later launched a solid acting career as the twin sister of Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning), singer of The Runaways, in the teen rock band biopic. In 2012 we saw her briefly in Magic Mike, the beginning of her fruitful collaboration with Steven Soderbergh, who gave her a cameo role in the TV version of The Girl experience. que Overflowing with ingenuity and intelligence As a luxurious accompaniment she is not noted with moral judgments or fatherhood, but is described as an intelligent woman who (almost) completely owns her destiny.

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For a few years, she seemed focused on being the new favorite actress of Sitges Festival subscribers. Having gone through Mad Max: Fury Road, where she met her husband, stunt double Ben Smith-Petersen, for a few years (2017-2019) she made the connection between the terrifying and/or disturbing ‘reaching the night’. , “Night of the Wolves”, “Jack’s House” (work by Lars von Trier), “What hides Silver Lake” and “What hides” Silver Lake ” “The Shack”, where one of his best performances is marked As the strange new mother of the Principal Boys: a woman rescued years ago from her father’s cult.

In 2020, the same year she starred on the hit “Zola” as a mysterious stripper, Keough was forced to deal not only with the pandemic, but also with the suicide of her brother, Benjamin Storm Keough. distance A time for silence, adaptation and learning (she became a lady of death to stop escaping from this side of life), we have recently begun to see new bright signs of her: the Camera d’Or in Cannes for “War pony”, her first film as a director; A promising trailer for Daisy Jones & The Six, the series in which he plays Stevie Nicks’ double. Now, perhaps her mother’s death is causing her to withdraw. From which we hope you will emerge wiser and stronger.

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