De los Mozos transfers Murtra to the Chairman of the Indra Management Committee and takes over the defense area

Today a new Indra organization is in effect, which also includes three new cross-sectional support responsibilities: Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Director of Human Resources (CHRO). “By integrating these numbers,” the company asserts, “the company intends to be at the forefront of innovation, technological disruption and talent, while ensuring excellence in execution.”

“This new organization, which the CEO (José Vicente de los Mozos) and I (Marc Mortra) designed together, will allow the company to meet the new challenges facing Indra. A more agile and cohesive organization, which leads all the teams that make up Indra, to ensure that the whole is more than the sum of its parts,” said Marc Murtra, President of Indra.

“Our project is to transform Indra into a Spanish multinational company of reference in the field of defense and technology. We aspire and will work to be the company that leads the four markets in which we operate through technology, engineering and innovation: Defense and Security, Technology and Digital Consulting (Minsait), Air Traffic Management (ATM), and Mobility,” stressed Jose Vicente de los Mozos, CEO of Indra.

Indra’s Board of Directors on June 30, following a report from the Nominations, Remuneration and Corporate Governance Committee, effective today, approved a new organizational structure looking for global leadership in defense and technology. The new organization revolves around its four business areas: Defense and Security, Technology and Digital Consulting, and Air Traffic and Mobility Management.

Along with this new organization, Indra agreed to form the new management committee, chaired by de los Mozos, who also leads defense and security, with Borja Ochoa as deputy. Louis April will continue to lead Minset. On the other hand, Jesus Prisa will be the new Communications Director.

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