Dcode Festival canceled its 2023 release following Lewis Capaldi’s absence

the festival DCODE 2023 It was announced that the show, which was scheduled for September 9, had been cancelled Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), for being unable to land an “up to the task” label after the temporary withdrawal of Lewis Capaldi due to Tourette’s Syndrome, who was the headliner.

“We are very sorry to write this letter to you, but due to circumstances we are compelled to cancel this copy. As you know, our main Lewis Capaldi We had to put his tour on hold, and since that day, we’ve been working against the clock with the goal of introducing you plate in height From your expectations,” the festival noted in a message shared on its Twitter profile.

The organization points out that the main obstacles it faced were “lack of time to manoeuvre” and “Closed Artists’ Agendas”. People who got the ticket, according to DCODE, will get a full refund in the next few days.

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On the canceled version, in addition to Capaldi, they were to perform Carolina Durant, Carino, Miss Caffeine or Tom O’Dellamong others.

In the statement, the organization concluded by saying that it is focused on having the best possible label by 2024 and the promise of “Lots of surprises“.

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