David Broncano’s Brother Recreates In Countryside Spain With ‘Musical Delicacies’ At Música en Segura

  • Música en Segura, the festival takes place in Segura de la Sierra y Orcera (Jaén) and which celebrates its tenth edition in May, welcomes the singer Israel Fernández, the Portuguese singer Carminho and the Cremona Quartet

  • The promoter, Daniel Broncano, talks to EL PERIDICO DE ESPAÑA about the evolution of the event, his professional changes and the relationship with his brother, presenter of “La Resistencia”

Daniel Broncano You arrive by AVE to Madrid. He takes off his bag and jacket and poses for the photographer in the streets around the Teatro Real, in a completely different environment than the one in which he develops his cultural projects. He sits on the balcony of a nearby cafeteria to talk and picks up a handkerchief ring. “Do you think the picture would look good if it didn’t say ‘Thank you for visiting’ on the napkins?” The joke lasts a few seconds until it becomes serious. You have to talk about you.

In May, between the 24th and the 28th, she will run the tenth edition of Music Festival in Segura Which he created in 2013 to “seek opportunities for myself and friends”. He started out as a clarinetist – although he wanted to play the oboe – in a folk band when he was eight, a few months after he felt “sounding Stendhal syndrome” when he saw a classical concert when he was vacationing with his family in Galicia. Over the years, he moved first to Madrid and then to London in 2009 to train. “I was a very strong person growing up, and I still am nowSo I put all my energy into learning to play this instrument.”

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It was precisely in the British capital, the place I had “forgot to go back” to Spain for a few years, that he realized he could Bring something to music in another way, apart from the clarinet. He saw how his colleagues, “very enterprising musicians”, set up their little projects “here and there, in England, sometimes outside England, in Italy, in France, in Australia, anywhere”. And he remembered his dream as a child: for someone to organize a music or film festival in the next town, in Segura de la Sierra.

“Starting to build your own opportunities is a fairly common initiative among young artists. I did it without knowing that I would later establish my career as a cultural director,” admits the promoter of a festival that was also born with the vocation of “allowing access to culture in a rural area far from all of this “. In that corner of Jaén, where “the nearest cinema is an hour and 40 minutes away, where there is a shortage of work and resources and where the economy depends mainly on olive groves and a little on tourism” he and his brother David Broncano. The two, in different fields, one for the call of childhood and the other for adults, They ended by dedicating themselves to the world of culture and putting Orcera, its city and Sierra de Segura on the map. “Facilitating access to culture was important from the start,” he adds.

In a festival characterized by “audacity” you can hear “deli Musicals,” concepts that “deserve to be listened to carefully, are not the familiar, and they are not the current It makes your head grow when you listen to them,” describes Daniel Broncano Israel Fernandez, Portuguese singer Carminio, Cremona QuartetThe Nederlands Blazers or the National Dance Company are some of the bets in the May edition. In November, they will celebrate another, the eleventh. It is estimated that around 12,000 people will visit Sierra de Segura this year to see these shows, including schoolchildren who attend and the concerts they organize in three nursing homes.

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Daniel Broncano fantasizes about “robbing the Bank of Spain” so he can buy tickets for all the festivals he wants to attend. He defines himself as a musical “carnivore”, an “open-minded” listener who does not refuse to listen to Rosalía, Shakira and “1% of music, the one that appears in the Top 50 Spain on Spotify”. The only thing his ears can’t stand is “Nocturne”.


In almost any environment, Daniel is less popular than David, although the cultural director takes him for granted “cause to be proud”, because he considers his brother to be a “very talented guy”. But in the cultural circle in which he moves, populated by professionals “who live in our world,” the roles are reversed and he is a precursor to Resistance The one Daniel Broncano called “Brother Bunkano”.

“I think at a certain moment the ‘brother’ question arose, but now it’s starting to produce less, because I have my own space, which is classical music and in culture in general,” says this promoter.

In 2018, he organized a one-man event with the comedian in which a piano and choir show was combined with a monologue, which later led to two seasons of shows under the name the couple. Held at the Condéduc Center for Contemporary Culture, they gave voice to a comedian and a different artistic specialization in each.

Concerts in cemeteries and oil factories

His return home happened “half”. When the festival opened, he was still living in London and now living in Córdoba to carry out one of his main tasks, an assignment Director of the Cordoba Orchestra. In Música en Segura, one of the keys is the game with spaces in this Jaén area that were not originally created to listen to concerts in.

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They go unnoticed, or a priorithey are not cultural spaces”, but Daniel Broncano and his team have transformed the oil factory, the medieval castle, the lone cemetery of Orcera or the threshing floor of the village of Moralejos into stages. The latter will be the setting for the performance of the pianist Judith Jauregui, who had wanted to play in a green meadow for some time, although Israel Fernandez or the National Dance Company would attend the Orcera Theatre. It reflects that “there were many places in Spain that had great halls and cultural facilities, because there was even this investment in bricks, which had a very good turn”, such as the approach to culture.

At Música en Segura the number of employees is scarce. The festival has a team that is “very light” on purpose, says the promoter, and in its structure, which he describes as “extremely efficient”, It does not have permanent workers. Not even himself.

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