Date, requirements, how it will be, salary and number of places

On January 27, the Bank of England published one of the largest public employment offers in the history of our country to work as State administrative assistant. Specifically, a total 27,509 places To work in the state general administration, 11,417 free admission positions and 16,088 internal promotion positions.

Of the places offered, 4,086 jobs were directed to Adjutant General’s Corpswhile 13,157 places for The administrative staff of the general administration of the state (Omar).

What are the requirements to appear for opponents?

To apply for the call as an assistant, you only need to file a graduatewhile for those administrators, it is necessary to have an address BaccalaureateTechnician, First Class Apprenticeship or equivalent qualification.

Another point that anyone who wants to participate in these oppositions should keep in mind is related to Professional. Although both belong to group C2, assistants are included in subgroup C2, while administrative staff are included in subgroup C1. Being an academic requirement is of vital importance, as the basic salary of public servants depends on their occupational category.

What is the exam date?

The first exercise will be performed during the next day four months, more than initially expected due to the large number of places on offer, and is expected to be resolved within one year. On the other hand, the details of the State Gazette are in Article 3.3 That “selective operations exercises for free entry and stability of temporary employment of the Auxiliary General Staff of State Administration and General Administrative Staff of State Administration will be conducted on the same day and at the same time.” Or what is the same, that people who want to choose these positions They will not be able to take both tests.

What is the salary of a state administrative assistant?

The first thing we should know is that our salary will depend on Occupational category and subgroup To which we belong In the case of group C, which in turn is divided into subgroups C1 and C2, the basic salary of the state administrative assistant is 693.31 euros per month, while general administrative officers salary ranges start from 836.75 euro.

However, after the appearance of A.I 2.5% From the salaries of civil servants by the Ministry of Finance and Public Jobs, led by Maria Jesus Monterowhich also includes a salary review clause based on the consumer price index, which means an increase in salary by one 9.5% Between 2022 and 2024, it represents an average of between 21 and 43 additional euros in monthly payroll. to which we must also add supplementary bonusas in the case of job characteristics, occupation, or performanceor the performance or results achieved by the Administrator, as defined in Law 7/2007from April 12, of the statute of the public servant.

How is the exam?

The selection process will consist of a one exercise which will consist of two partswhich will be implemented jointly.

  • The first part consists of answering in writing a questionnaire with a maximum of 70 questions. Similarly, 5 additional reservation questions may be known in advance which will be evaluated if any of the above are omitted.

  • The second part will consist of responding in writing to a situation of a practical nature to choose between two. Each practical case will be divided into 20 questions, and an additional 5 questions can be expected. The maximum time for this exercise will be one hundred minutes.

The questionnaire for both parties consists of questions that have several answers, of which only one is correct. Also, all questions will have the same value and every wrong answer will be penalized with a discount third The value of the correct answer. Finally, it should be borne in mind that blank answers are not punished.

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