Danny Martin Leaves Music | Danny Martin quits music and switches networks: ‘Now what I want is to develop as a person’

Followers, friends and colleagues encouraged singer Danny Martin after he announced it on social networks Say goodbye to music for an indefinite timeeven in “a few years”, because what he wants now is to “improve as a person”.

This is how the singer explained it in a message accompanied by a video, where he performs the song “La madre de José” with his bandfrom his last concert at La Riviera in Madrid on December 7.

See you in a few years, be happy. I will not follow trends or modify my voice to reach a Grammy. I’d much rather have the Grammys do the reggaeton that Jorge Drexler does and the duets he does on his records, and follow those kind of organic, honest tracks”, writes The Citizen of Madrid (1977).

This is the message that sThousands of followers responded on social networks, which Martín began with the words: “I am a person who tends to be overweight, with anxiety, difficulty concentrating and being able to learn to play a musical instrument so that I can take it right (…] Emotionally, I am not a very balanced person, I suffer a lot“.

In this video that was chosen to announce his retirement, the singer also appears jumping rope, as well as images for his followers to participate in the last concert in La Riviera, a show in which he told his followers: “Finishing in La Riviera was necessary for me, Before returning to the fact that you are Daniel, the one who lives on his couchwho drinks alcohol, who plays football badly but puts his heart into it.”

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Martin ended his farewell by emphasizing that he intended to continue being the way he was: “I will only get better as a person.”.

“See you later, see you forever, until it really comes around. Thanks. Blockout”, he concludes in this letter, having received support from colleagues such as Andrés Suárez or Alejo Estivel, among others.

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