Cynthia Nixon: ‘I didn’t see Miranda as the voice of reason’

We are talking about the second season of And just like that & mldr; (HBO Max, from Thursday, the 22nd) And not just from the eighth of New York sex Because its creators wanted to mark certain distances from the original. Well, once again we have Carrie in front of us (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), not Samantha (Kim Cattrall He’s tired of explaining it or sharing office hours with Parker), but that’s other times, other worries. New York of this series is also different. One less white with real sexual and gender diversity.

“When we came back, we didn’t want a repeat of what had happened before,” he practically explains Michael Patrick KingAs the main screenwriter of New York sex Taking Darren Starr’s creativity to unexpected levels of complexity. “The idea was to show these familiar characters in a new world, to help them grow by introducing new heroines, new perspectives.”

The principal creations cease to be three to establish themselves as seven. gain fame Four characters of color were introduced in the previous season, three of whom are women and the fourth is a non-binary personDocumentary director: Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker), aka Black Charlotte by former wedding planner Anthony Marantino (Mario Cantone); Nia Wallace (Karen Mittman), Miranda’s tutor in a master’s degree in human rights; Seema Patel (Sarita Chaudhary), the real estate agent who was selling the apartment Carrie shared with Mr. Big (RIP), and Che Diaz (Sarah Ramirez), the comedy star behind Miranda’s sexual revival.

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“In season one, these characters were judged by their facades, just as we sometimes judge books by their covers,” King comments, clearly noting the pervasive hostility toward the unfunny Diaz, in particular. “Now we wanted to open up those books and show other sides of those characters, go beyond their political stances to educate people. While still showing new sides to the girls we know so well.”

Miranda meets herself again

Girls we know so well, or girls we thought we knew so well? In the first season of And just like that & mldr;Miranda surprised many by leaving behind the full life she always deserved. She quit her job as a corporate attorney to get her aforementioned master’s degree and changed her marriage to Steve (David Eggenberg) for an unspecified relationship with Diaz. Is Miranda no longer the voice of reason? Nixon replies: “It’s interesting.” Catalonia newspaper. “I never saw Miranda as this voice of reason. It was the voice of ambition, feminism, power, and anger over the wrongs and grievances of men. He always seemed to me a very passionate person, like an elephant in a glass shop. Now we see how her political awareness evolves, how she tries to dismantle white supremacy or fight for women’s rights around the world.”

According to Nixon, Miranda did not change, but was rediscovered with her younger, purer self, after experiencing motherhood and marriage, “things she hadn’t been looking for, but found that made her life richer.” Marrying Steve wasn’t a mistake. The mistake was to lengthen it without meaning. “Sometimes you get married and you keep going until one of them dies. Other times you get married and you get to the end of the road, just like that. Some marriages end.”.

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More sex in New York

As in the original series as in this revival and RebootKing has shown great ability to pull off indelible moments, the kind he gets in Zeitgeist And occupy a cultural conversation. I ask the screenwriter what his secret ingredient is. “My job as a playwright is to look at the world, see what might be interesting to bring to the show, and try to make sure that the characters react to it either with amusement or with natural surprise and shock. Ultimately it is about looking for what is not seen on the screen, if it is even there. That’s what happened with New York sex. There were a lot of single women in this city who didn’t see themselves reflected on TV or in the movies.”

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There is something that is rarely seen on television, or at least reflected in a positive, natural, and joyful way: sex. “Our second season starts with seven characters about to get into it. It’s a statement. And most of those characters are in their late 50s, which makes it even more special. For me Sex is an opportunity for intimacy as well as joy and comedy. Miranda causes some chaos with her new travels. “Look at her poor ability to get dressed strap onstrap on dildo

Aid return

The plot destined to generate conversation (perhaps more than just a brief cameo by Cattrall) is making a comeback John Corbett Like Aidan Shaw, the furniture maker has cheated on Carrie with Mr. Big. “In season two, I came with one word in mind: Aidan,” King explains. “It’s obviously what I wanted to introduce in Carrie’s arc. I was going to create dialogue, where half of the viewers, at the time, was a big team, and the other half, Aidan’s team. Now we only have Aidan, so it’s intriguing me to see what people say.”

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