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The pandemic has changed work environments and promoted remote work, making it an excellent solution for continuing activity. After the health tsunami, it was created to perform professional tasks remotely. According to the report The future of hybrid workPosted by analyst Gallup, 91% of employees would prefer to work from home rather than go to the office.

To successfully implement remote work, it is necessary to have a powerful, reliable and above all secure computer. Hybrid work favors a change of location, which increases the risk of experiencing mishaps (accidental falls, for example) and being the target of cyberattacks (when calling from anywhere). Contrary to popular belief, cyber criminals are not the only ones Enter in teams through software; The hardware well exposed.

Dynabook, the successor company to Toshiba, offers a suite of products that work brilliantly in this digital ecosystem. Portégé and Tecra series laptops respond to the demands of those seeking distinction in the professional market. Orders are adjusted according to customer needs and delivery from the first unit is guaranteed.

100% Japanese DNA

Dynabook’s motto is to deliver industry leading levels of quality, security and reliability. The Japanese engineering company designs and manufactures all laptops in its own facilities. “The level of control is maximum throughout the development process: it goes from component selection and quality assessments at the design stage, to quality control at the production stage,” explains Maite Ramos, Managing Director of Iberia by Dynabook.

Maite Ramos, CEO, Dynabook Iberia
Maite Ramos, CEO, Dynabook Iberia

The manufacturer also makes a binary input-output system (BIOS) for its computers, which is unusual in this segment. This specifically provides a security engine that includes a 50-digit password, different levels of user access to the BIOS, custom management tools, and the ability to mark changes to BIOS passwords only after verification of identity from us. This additional level of Security Allows remote working with an added layer of security against unwanted manipulation by third parties.

The equipment is protected from electronic attacks

According to a study by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrime will drive eight trillion euros in 2023. In the global context, we will talk about the third largest economy, after the United States and China. Reducing the impact of digital criminals is a major effort for companies and governments.

Our extra level of security allows you to work remotely with an extra layer of security against unwanted tampering by third parties

Maite Ramos, CEO, Dynabook Iberia

The cybercriminals’ portal is always the weakest link in the supply chain. Insecure network protocols or poorly protected servers are often the vulnerable points for malware to insert. Next to software, The hardware It can be fragile. Saving on protection can be really expensive.

“We know from experience that if a CIO saves $10 on a device and then the project fails due to failures or security, they have a very serious problem. The global costs of cybercrime continue to rise and they have a provider hardware With high quality standards, it helps companies to negotiate their e-insurance at a lower price. Our devices are competitive and have the best value for money on the market,” Ramos notes.

Unprecedented reliability

Solidity is another feature of Dynabook laptops: it never crashes. It’s something to consider when working miles away from the office without physical computer support. The published failure rate (a number not offered by competitors) is 0.11%, five times lower than other manufacturers. In the unlikely event of a computer failure during the warranty period, the company offers free repair and a refund for the computer.

The Portégé and Tecra series of laptops are powerful and lightweight, with all the features needed to work in a variety of hybrid environments.
The Portégé and Tecra series of laptops are powerful and lightweight, with all the features needed to work in a variety of hybrid environments.

The Response From the customer leaves no room for doubt. “Our teams are getting better acceptance every day. The Tecra and Portégé ranges have increased their sales, demonstrating that reliability, security and portability are still the features most valued by professionals at the time of purchase. Both are ideal companions for working in very diverse hybrid environments. For example The Portégé family, with its magnesium alloy chassis, offers the highest strength and lowest weight.The Portégé X40L is the lightest 14-inch Intel® Evo laptop on the market (1.05 kg), concludes Ramos.

Tested to military standards

Before selling their laptops, Dynabook puts them through extensive testing. The manufacturer guarantees the quality and reliability of its devices through the Japanese Halt (Highly Accelerated Duration Test) methodology, which simulates three years of use in hostile environments. Portégé and Tecra scopes are tested according to military standards MIL-STD 810, which specifies various environmental tests that indicate if a piece of equipment performs well in the field. Each experience is associated with a source of environmental stress. Assessments include exposing devices to 40°C with 90% humidity and 0°C, dropping them from up to 1 meter high, and checking the condition of the solder assembly.

Similarly, Portégé and Tecra have Tempest Zonning 1 certification on many of their platforms to ensure maximum security. This accreditation, which is used by the military, government departments and international organizations such as NATO, is very relevant for the Japanese manufacturer. “This year our contracts have grown a lot with the general management and we are still very strong in defence, two categories that are very demanding in terms of security and committed to our equipment,” Ramos explains. “It is very positive that we show our differential value in security as an essential piece in shaping the future of our country,” he adds.

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