Custo Barcelona: “The collaboration with Rosalía will be an important plus”

Custo Barcelona is back in its international capital of pagan fashion: New York. At Fashion Week in the Big Apple He speared a pike by Ángel Custodio Dalmau Salmons (Tremp; Lleida, 1959) in 1997, when the then-fledgling New York Fashion Week (NYFW) began to crowd out major events like Paris and Milan. Cousteau was the only European invitee, and The New York Times fell at the foot of what it called “Customania.” The whole world had to meet that Catalan who seduced the designers of series like “Friends” and “Sex and the City”the same thing that unleashed the madness when Julia Roberts I left the Manhattan shop for the designer-turned-architect loaded with suitcases. The Pretty Woman star has worn some of her outfits with her signature prints in blockbusters like Notting Hill and Runaway Bride. And she wasn’t the only actress, Bridget Fonda also wore Tarantino’s signature look in Jackie Brown. Madonna, Brad Pitt, Natalie Portman…

since then, Custo’s love affair with New York and the American market grew stronger, because it is his main market and where the designer always displays his new creations. Just in conjunction with this Valentine’s Day, the oldest Spanish designers at New York Fashion Week have once again invaded the city of skyscrapers. ‘Welcome to the other side’His new collection for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

ardent fans

Custo knows his most enthusiastic audience well and in his own Show 51 He’s out to give them what they expect from him: “a lot of enthusiasm and doing very rigorous work on our genetics, preserving it and at the same time changing and renewing it.” “It’s about continuing to be the same thing but in a different way,” he asserts Designer of eternal youth, free and revolutionary spirit.

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Although Custo admits to being a fan of Jean-Michel Jarre’s electronic music, he acknowledges that the title of his collection, ‘Welcome to the Other Side’, and the French composer’s 2021 album, is just a coincidence. This expression has helped him synthesize the ethos of his new apparel, where “function, beauty and comfort meet creativity with a clear adherence to volumes, lines and risky material selections,” a trademark of the house company for more than four decades.

As always, Custo maintains that he is seeking “Thriller and surprise” in your audience. In fact, he knows, “they’re not pieces you really need, but they all have a very emotional element to them,” he sums up. “In the end, this is what people expect from us and this is what we offer them,” he says proudly. “We understand that our clothes aren’t totally necessary, they’re practical, but they’re not essential. The title ‘Welcome to the Other Side’ is because we’re trying more and more to make it a very emotional project,” reveals the restless creator, who has only been doing a month that he’s embarked on another art project. , together NFT’s group Consists of 10,000 digital works inspired by 118 of the most popular publications.

Rosalia’s dress

you know a standard in the fashion capital of North America, Where another young Catalan woman has not stopped succeeding recently is Rosalía, the complete diva, who loves to wear the best brands. “We would be so excited to be able to dress Rosalía, great reference. It would be an important plus to be able to collaborate with her, we would love to have the opportunity someday, ”she admits, because, in her opinion,“ the great variety of her designs suits her very well, and I, too, think so Our collection aligns with your values“.

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“This group that we presented in New York is A slightly smaller version of the one we will show in Madrid [el próximo sábado] and Barcelona. In the Spanish capital we will show 12 more picnics. In Madrid it also helps that we have two extra days, and we always try to lengthen it a little to make it stand out, “says Cousteau.

feathers, star

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It’s hard for him to pick out his favorite “Welcome to the Other Side” outfit, but he notes that “special work has been done with “Big Size” technical pens with a metallic look though very soft fabrics, coats, and dresses are used.” In the latter, slit designs, asymmetries, and refined architecture were shown during the show.

as seen Big shorts and short skirts that are complemented by “blouses”Which seeks to arouse the feelings of women who are committed to their safety and empowerment. Winter proposal is no exception Lure metallic and shiny tones That make the color always stable in Custo, the glamorous protagonist even in winter. Finally, they also highlighted ankle boots and half-boots coordinating with the outfit.

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