Custo Barcelona, ​​on his new batch of NFT works: “Now it’s time to get in here”

Cousteau Barcelona No introduction needed. signature Guardian Angel Dalmau Salmons (Tremp, 1959) was at war with Colorful clothes from the mid 90’sWhen the designer, who grew up in the Gràcia neighborhood of Barcelona and who left his architectural studies in the 1980s and went with his brother to the United States to sell his tropical and surf shirts, conquered the North American market Fun and pioneering prints.

Custo Barcelona needs no introduction, because in 1997 he was the only European invited to appear at that time. New York Fashion Week (And there are already 50 shows celebrated in style this past September.) New York times A page was dedicated to him and his pieces began appearing in various chapters of the book friends s Sex and the City And in the cupboards Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Madonna or Brad Pitt.

Custo Barcelona needs no introduction: his style is very distinctive, because it is different and innovative. “We have always been interested in doing what no one else has done. When we started, we bet on Colors, graphics and innovation in lines and sizes. Then the fashion was just gray, very boring. Fortunately, this is no longer the case now, and we are proud that we have contributed to change with our project, which is based on creativity, ”admits the designer, who these days Another new group Which will be shown on February 13 again in the city of skyscrapers.

The next generation of adventures

“Creativity and the desire to be pioneers have always been in our DNA,” says Ahad Regular stars of the 080 label, the Catalan fashion catwalk. And always take a few steps forward, ahead. Al Custo-Dalmau doesn’t wait for them to tell him, that’s why You’ve just embarked on a new, state-of-the-art adventure.

And this novelty from Custo Barcelona already needs an introduction. that it Collaboration with digital art platform The CollectionistAnd the with which you created the file The first batch of NFT works based on the company’s publications.

We have a huge historical archive that we have developed over 42 years of history.

“Actually, in the United States and here, in Europe, in London or Paris, there are already quite a few physical design stores or fashion or flagship stores that have angles where you can buy NFTs,” explains the fashion designer, who just debuted the technology, A cryptocurrency digital asset that represents a unique business.

The series is part of 118 of his most famous graphic designswhich was created through artificial intelligence Up to 10,000 copies with small variants. “We thought it was very cohesive for us to be involved in this project because NFTs are essentially graphic designs that get digitized and we have a huge historical archive that we’ve developed over our 42-year history. Every year we typically launch about a thousand different graphics,” he says. Cousteau, who started working on the project shortly before the summer.

He asserts that “all the great designers in the US are experimenting with this technology” and that “the market is responding.” In addition, he considers that “on a creative and commercial level, it is time to enter this sector.”

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Emotional choice

sums up the fashion designer, who I was guided by emotions When choosing 118 designs for this virtual series.

On December 22nd, as an experiment, the first 11 NFT games went on sale. “Custo fans were excited and they sold out in less than 24 hours,” explains 0xPeca, pseudonym for platform broker The Collectionist. Another 98,989 can be purchased later this month.

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The price? “About 150 euros, which is the market standard as a starting value, because the buyer can resell it at a higher price in the shop open sea [el Amazon del sector]says the professional who additionally points it out Every NFT in Custo’s collection has other “privileges” associated with it.

They all authorize the buyer Stamp this exclusive design onto the garment or in a box for your home. But some businesses will also incorporate pass, pass, pass VIP to the Custo Show in New YorkTo visit their offices or have exclusive access to their stores.

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