Cup Final | Bar Sevilla scored thanks to the Osasuna fans

Osasuna de Sevilla fans wanted to support their team in La Cartuja in the second cup final on the centenary of the Navarrese club’s history. for this place the Santa Cruz Winery PillarAct as a trusted local to support the team. This bar, located near the famous Giralda, was one of the places that did the most and best business on Saturday for drinks.

This tape achieved a murder in the month of May, as it became one of the centers of the Red Party, where it was Over 25,000 fans.

Surprise for the bar

One of the local waiters, the guy from Cadiz Anthony Lawrence, I couldn’t believe the situation they were in. Proving that the bar had never been in such a situation, he explained how they lived during the previous cup in which Betis emerged victorious: “When the Valencia team was there last year, ‘it was against Sevilla’, there was a lot of atmosphere and that, but they didn’t drink or eat. As far as they drink it from Osasuna & rdquor ;. And he did not stop there, for he gave more details and dared to invite: “The box we made was amazing, So Osasuna fans can come back whenever they want.

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The waiter also wanted to point out the behavior of Rugila fans, saying that there was no fight: “There was a very good atmosphere, a very good atmosphere. In addition, although it is true that there were many people, There was no fighting nor frowning, Not even when we were warned that we had none left, because we had run out of Coca Cola, no Fanta and no red for our famous kalimotxos. They told us that nothing was wrong, thank you and that they would continue to preview the match elsewhere.”

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Regarding beer consumption, talk about high consumption giving specific numbers: “We have sold over 19 barrels, whereas on a normal Saturday we usually sell about ten.” Since that day, Antonio Lorenzo could not have been happier with the Ossaunista fans and they have chosen their bar to celebrate.

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