culture | Rain and elections predicted the start of the Madrid Book Fair

The rain gave a truce on Friday at Retiro Park’sOpening of the 82nd session of the Book Fair de Madrid (FLM), one of the most important annual sales events for bookstores and publishers, on a day when the election campaign was also present.

Despite the fact that the organizers of the Madrid Book Fair (FLM) expect to reach figures similar to those of the last edition, which attracted more than three million visitors and sales of 10.2 million eurosThe forecast of rain in the next few days is making booksellers and publishers look at the sky with fear.

“The rain is damaging to the exhibition and it is something we cannot control,” noted FLM Director Eva Urqui, who on Friday held the opening tour with Mikel Eseta, Minister of Culture and Sports; José Luis Martínez Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, W Martha Rivera de la CruzMinister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid, among other political representatives of the three departments.

Queen Letizia, who usually opens this exhibition at Retirement gardenHe did not attend this year, so as not to interfere in the last day of the campaign for the municipal and regional elections, which are scheduled to take place next Sunday.

An election campaign was present at the opening round, where some members of the entourage stopped to make statements to the media.

The political representatives stopped at a book stand bergamot, the oldest in Madrid, but attending the exhibition for the first time; in the publisher Renaissancewhere the mayor and the Minister of Culture, in addition to the Publishers Syndicate, bought Europe Pavilion, among many. They also entered the human brain proliferation created by CSIC.

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The Minister of Culture, Mikel Eseta, bought many books that he insisted on paying for, despite the insistence that booksellers and publishers give them away: “I always pay them. I’m on a crusade against the phrase “love of art,” he told someone.

“Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus,” ed Mary Shelley; Worker’s Encyclopedia Alejandro Civantos; “Sports Revolution” Gerard Pedrett; “Rosa’s Journey”, from Marika Megala; “socialist feminism” Maria Cambrils; Burberry in Paris by Mario Vargas Llosa; Unpublished letters from Benito Perez Galdos and Emilia Pardo BazanOr “Modernity, Feminism, and Crises Between Centuries,” ed Bardo Bazinwere some titles acquired by Iceta, while the Mayor of Madrid bought “Celia in the Revolution” from the publishing house Renacimiento, by Elena Fortún.

Forecasts of rain in the next few days are likely to affect sales, the president of the Federation of Syndicate of Publishers of Spain (FGEE), Daniel Fernández, acknowledged to EFE, who stated, however, that precipitation always tends to be present at the event and that this Friday there was already a large audience: “The feeling is that the show is going to go well.” He said.

He was less optimistic Jose Manuel Hernandez, From a library specializing in comics The tenth generation“If it rains a lot, it’s just a bitch,” he noted, after stressing that fair sales usually account for 10 percent of the annual stock in a genre that grows more each year.

Writer Julia Navarro He also attended the fair’s first day, where he has been signing his books for 19 years. He claimed to have mixed feelings About these weather forecasters, because while she is happy that the water is finally coming, she worries about the effect on booksellers and publishers.

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“There is a lot at stake, because a lot of sales are concentrated these days and for Booksellers Navarro stressed that it would be a problem.

The Bergamo Library, the oldest in Madrid, is the first time it has attended the exhibition, and its new owners (who took it over after the previous owners retired) are confident that the public will come to meet them and view their collections. Both classic literature and independent publishers, he explained Paul Cherry Which accounts for about 20 percent of the annual sales volume, which can account for a single edition of the exhibition.

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The Madrid Book Fair turns 90, despite its eighty-second edition, interrupted by eight years between the Civil War and the post-war period. On this occasion, the flag is the main theme under the logo We are sciences and arts.

Until June 11, more than 400 activities and some 4000 signature sessions In 385 booths it will host 424 exhibitors and will accommodate more than a thousand publishers and more than a hundred bookstores.

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