“Cultural intelligence leaves Russia for the war”

completely filled in Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) To follow the book Lyudmila Ulitskaya (Dablekanovo, 1943) and Vladimir Sorokin (Moscow, 1955) at a debate led by the journalist Xavi eye. One this Monday was Course opening day Other voices, another RussiaSponsored by a Russian-to-Spanish translator, journalist and author Jorge Ferrer And he will continue to meet with the novelist Anna Starobenets (February 6) Poet and writer Maria Stepanova (February 13), graphic artist and activist Victoria Lomasco (20 February). These are innovators who are critical of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, if not defectors from the Putin regime.

Ulitskaya and Sorokin They have lived in Berlin since the war began.. author soniechka Because his son took it at the beginning of the dispute and the site ice (Volume one of a trilogy whose other two titles are still unpublished in Spain) because he had already spent half the year in the German capital for a long time and took up the offensive there. Neither has returned to Russia since then nor does it look like they will for the duration of the war.

To the question of one of the assistants, which was formulated in Russian, which is the native language of the majority of the audience, Ulitskaya answered: “I don’t like to make predictions, I always fail.” May the Ukrainians get the victory we all want for themDespite the cantankerous character some of his works have acquired as Putin’s growing totalitarianism, Sorokin also refused to act as an oracle. I do not see the future, and in fact I am against speculation, ”he replied to the same question- . But in the West, Russians and Ukrainians mix until the war ends and Ukraine wins it, and the Putin regime ends, and I am one of them.

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cultural diaspora

They explained that a large number of the current Russian diaspora arrived in Berlin. “Cultural intelligence leaves RussiaSorokin said: “From what the exiles and people still in the country say, the atmosphere in Moscow is heavy and sad, even more so since the start of the draft. People have understood that we are facing a tragedy.”

Ulitskaya, a geneticist biologist by training, attributed the subterranean humor of his works to Hebrew ancestors, “able to tell jokes about the most unexpected things.” For his part, Sorokin hailed humor as “the last bastion of civilisation, in the words of Nietzsche”. Although you want to convert Homo sapiens In the machine and its lack of mercy – Sorokin continued – the Soviet system failed to destroy humor. Humor is necessary for the representation of humour, as evidenced by great humorists such as Gogol or Cervantes”.

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In any case, the Russian authorities and nationalist circles were not satisfied with this. goluboe salo (2002), a work in which Sorokin, an engineer who specializes in no less than gas and oil, satirizes the country’s great authors and politicians, earning him public burnings of his books and porn investigation.

Ulítskaya explained why in some interviews she avoided identifying herself as a feminist. She said, “My problem with Western feminism is due to the fact that Russia is by definition a country for women, even though it is ruled by men,” as if to imply that what we tell her about women’s empowerment? In Russia, the quality of a woman is much higher than that of a man.

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